Stitch Fix: Bump Edition

We’ve come a long way from muumuus, pregnant mamas! Gone are the days of maternity tents. Enter bump-conscious style. But dressing that growing belly can be daunting. I know. I’ve made those trips to the dressing rooms.

As someone who normally enjoys fashion, phoning it in for 40 weeks just wasn’t an option. It’s a matter of personal identity and survival. Finding the time and patience to dress my bump the first time around wasn’t a problem. Now that my husband and I are expecting a second, things most definitely have changed.

Enter Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix Bump EditionThis online personal styling service offers clothing delivered right to your door, and the good news is Stitch Fix offers maternity wear! While it may seem heaven sent, my results are mixed. Definite winners and definite disasters. I’ve received several “fixes” and want to share my experiences with all of you.

I was pregnant with my daughter Madeline during the fall and winter months. Warm and cozy layers and boots were the base of my bump style. We found out we were expecting our son this past March. As summer temperatures started to soar in East Tennessee, I was running out of “normal” clothes to wear. (Your bump really does pop a lot sooner the second time around!) To say that I’ve been hot is an understatement. I’m burning up. I’m sweaty. I want relief! All my fall/winter maternity clothes only added to the problem. A futile trip to Kohl’s with my two-year-old made me realize I needed help. (And a stiff drink was out of the question…)

Several friends who are Stitch Fix converts encouraged me to give it a shot. (Fellow Knoxville Moms Blog contributor Jenny Greene wrote about her Stitch Fix inspired wardrobe makeover.) Here’s how it works: You pay a $20 non-refundable styling fee. You fill out an extensive online questionnaire about your style/preferences/size. The company also allows you to select the frequency of the shipments and what you’re willing to pay for certain items. Then your personal stylist sends you five clothing items. You try them on at home (no bright fluorescent dressing room lights!). Keep what you like. Your $20 styling fee is deducted from your total. Send back what doesn’t work. Shipping is free both ways. Armed with all that information I decided to give it a go.

I opted for a “fix” every two weeks and stressed to my personal stylist I needed items to help me survive the summer months. That’s why I was surprised when the tops she sent weren’t even maternity tops. The blousy tops fit perfectly, but two or three weeks later I was confident they wouldn’t. I was convinced I only wanted maternity shorts that had the full tummy panel. She encouraged me to try a pair with the half band and I love them! I kept those shorts and sent the rest back.

Since I was able to give detailed feedback, the next Fix was much more in line with my wishes.

That said, I only kept one t-shirt. It has a brightly colored pattern and fits like a dream. Hands down it’s my favorite maternity shirt in my closet. Then I threw my stylist a curve ball. I wanted a maternity swimsuit that offered support. I had already tried several from area stores with no luck. It turns out Stitch Fix does have limits. They currently don’t offer swimsuits. While I’m back to square one on those, I did find another great top in the next “fix.” It’s a gray short-sleeved t-shirt that works for summer and will easily transition into fall. Another Stitch Fix win! My stylist did include a pair of black shorts, but they were dressy. I had explained my toddler and I are very active and I needed clothes to match. Those shorts just didn’t fit the bill. (I later found a black pair of more casual shorts at Kohl’s, so thanks for the inspiration Stitch Fix!) My latest request to my stylist is a fun outfit to wear out to dinner at the beach. I told her to send accessories, even shoes. (I’ll keep you posted!)


My favorite Stitch Fix maternity top and shorts in action at the Knoxville Moms Blog event at the McFee Park splash pad.

While I wait at the door for that “fix” to arrive, my future with Stitch Fix is uncertain. Summer is winding down. I’ll be pulling my trusty fall and winter maternity clothes out of the closet before you know it. Overall, I would recommend Stitch Fix to busy mamas. There are so many ways to tailor the service to your wants and needs. Just like any good relationship there are some growing pains. Understandably, the more back and forth with your stylist, the more likely you’ll get what works for you. If you’re willing to stick it out, you and your bump can walk proudly down the street knowing you look good!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Would you recommend it to other moms?

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