Messy Hair Don’t Care

Ashley L - Messy Hair Don't Care

I’ve never been the type of girl to go to the salon often. In fact, I would usually only go get my hair cut sometime in June (happy birthday to me). I’ve never been one to regularly dye my hair or style it, or even brush it. But I get it. I know why most women do it.

I never went to a real salon until I was married but I totally remember the first time I got a haircut that I was in love with. I know it’s hard to beat that feeling of walking out of the salon with your hair perfectly styled and the moment it blows in the wind you feel like a million bucks. When I went to pay for that amazing cut, they asked me if I wanted to set up my next appointment sometime in the 4-6 weeks. What?? That’s a thing?! I had no idea that people were getting their hair cut and styled that often. I told her I’d call next June and she looked at me like I was crazy.

There’s got to be an easier, cheaper way to have cool hair.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved dreads. I love the way they look and I love the simplicity of them. Never having to brush, style or cut my hair sounded dreamy to me.


After I had our 4th child, I needed more simplicity in my life. Visions of dreads danced in my head. Could I pull it off? It would be so much easier to not have to do my hair anymore. I asked Jonathan what he thought about me letting my hair grow into dreads and he was all for it. He’s always been supportive of my whacked out hippie ideas. Thanks, husband!


It was May of 2012 that I decided to backcomb a strand of hair to start the process and it was about eight months later that my hair actually took to locking up and creating dreads (mostly) naturally. I love that I never have to comb my hair and I only wash it once a week. Huge time saver!


Around the time I started locking my hair, Ada was nine months old and had the craziest hair ever!


She has callocs all over her head which makes it nearly impossible to make it stay in any kind of order. I’m sure this would stress most moms out but I loved it!


I love that she always woke up with crazy hair and not a care in the world.


Fast-forward to four years later and it’s the same. She could care less if her hair is in her eyes, sticking straight up or just…all around crazy.

I love that even at a young age, she has better things to do than make sure her hair looks ok.

You see, she’s not been taught to look in the mirror and check her hair when she wakes up or leaves the house. She never sees me fixing my hair in the mirror and she certainly never hears me talk about the coolest hair styles or colors.


She will always be told that she is beautiful even when it looks like she has a nest on her head. I hope that she always embraces the beauty she has inside and doesn’t care about what her hair looks like or the type of clothes she wears.

I want her to know there are far more important things in life.


I want her to admire the good in others and not their hairstyle. I want her to see past appearances and really learn to look at a person for who they are.

It’s a hard thing to teach, but it begins at home. It’s important for me to teach my kids (especially my girls), that they don’t have to look perfect. There is so much beauty in the imperfectness of life. Embrace it – and allow yourself to let go of perfect…it may even feel better than the $80 haircut!

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  1. Ranger Mama June 25, 2016 at 12:18 pm #

    I love her wild hair! I miss having colored hair and dreads. Those were simpler times. Le sigh…

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