Last Days of Summer Activity Calendar

Summer officially starts on June 21 and I already feel like it is over. This year my kid starts kindergarten and I am awash with emotions. Because the days are longer, I am waking up early and staying up late to experience as much of this life as possible. As a parent, I think a lot about my own childhood and the things I loved most. My mom used to kick us out of the apartment in the morning and holler for us around 5PM. I can still see her on the rail of the apartment porch with her hand cupped around her mouth while yelling our names. My brother and I were out on skateboards, playing war in the woods, or at the neighbor girl’s house playing kickball with a crew — ghost-man on first! I want all of these things for my kid too. Right now he is still too young to just roam free and there aren’t a lot of kids out on our country road (yet), so I make it up — one day at a time. Last summer I posted on how to make your own inexpensive summer camp and this post is a revisit.

I have made an activity calendar for July.

To be clear, I don’t actually do all of the things on this calendar with my kid (usually only a handful). I like having the ideas around in case I am flat out tired and need a go-to plan. I don’t want to always default to TV. I am also sending this into the universe before summer officially starts so I can plan ahead. I tried to keep the calendar simple, inexpensive, and easy.

If you want to give this calendar a try, you might need a few items ahead of time (a lot of the other items you might be able to find around the house):

  • Plastic toys and plastic mold for ice game on the 4th

  • Paint

  • Plastic tarp

  • Water balloons

  • Baseball bat (or heavy stick)

  • Flashlights

  • Dish sponges and rubber bands (search for “sponge bombs for kids”)

  • Bottle corks

  • Search the internet for “Cloud Identification Chart”

When I planned the calendar, I had my five-year-old in mind. There are lots of these types of calendars out there and it doesn’t take long to put your own together that is age appropriate or more in-line with your family vibe. If you are interested in more activities you can check out two other posts I’ve written on fun summer activities: Self-Made Summer Camp and Chasing Waterfalls.

Check Caitland’s 92 Days of Summer for more great ways to make your summer special! I hope your summer is magical.


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