The End of the Year Busy


We all say it — some of us all the time. ‘We’re just so busy.’

I think most conversations I have with other moms, especially this time of year, goes something like this: 

Mom 1: “How are y’all?” 

Mom 2: “We’re busy.” 

It’s a state of being. There are those seasons that are busier than others. The holidays, of course, are a very busy time for everyone. And then once you become a mom, the end of the year. It’s the end of the year crazy busy run it to the ground season of doing it all. The class parties, the field days, the recitals, the ball games, the awards ceremonies, the dances, the proms, the graduations, the birthdays, the last of the homework, the end of class exams, the state testing, the teacher gifts, the luncheons, and on and on it goes. And we do it all. And now I need a nap just writing all of that out.  

While some other times of the year we may give a kind “no” to some obligations, this time of year it just doesn’t seem possible. These are the things we can’t miss. These are the moments of mommy-hood.  

For moms of older kids — these are the lasts of a whole bunch of things. The last days of school, the last years in your home. The big moments like prom and baccalaureate that are so special. For moms of younger kids — these are the days of firsts. Graduating preschool and getting ready for kindergarten.  Branching out into a great big world that is only separated by a summer. And for the moms of all of those kids in between — newborns to all the way up — I know this season is just as busy for you because I’m one of you. It’s a fun time, and it’s exciting for us and our children. But it’s a busy time.

The end of the year busy — it has its own category. So I’m here to send some virtual support your way — a pat on the back or some of my favorite emojis go your direction as we power through this crazy busy month of May and the end of the school year. Good job making it through this last year. Now go take a deep breath and know all the other mommies are powering through with you right now. It’s almost summer!  

For some entertainment and laughing because it just nails you perfectly, go read this post. It’s spot on.


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