Why My Smartphone is My BFF {Guest Blogger}

Five years ago, I would never have imagined having an appendage quite like my smartphone to rely so heavily. I can’t tell you how lost I’d be without it. How many of you can still rattle off all of your real friend’s phone numbers? I can’t. Not a chance. It’s sad, really. My reliance on this small piece of metal, glass and plastic is ridiculous.


Let me tell you some of the impressive ways it earns its top spot as my BFF.

1) It gives me information at the drop of a few swipes. When I used to call my mom for everything, now I simply say “OK Google” and my android is ready to output information for my every need. Available 24/7, you know, when all your ‘real friends’ are sleeping and something is weighing heavily on your mind.

2) It gives me a voice. I’m not necessarily a quiet person. But, it’s nice to have an outlet for my feelings. Nice to be heard (read) for a change. My opinion [might] matter to someone!

3) Ideas! Can we say Pinterest?!

hooligansOkay, so those are just a few of the reasons, my BFF is synonymous with my smartphone. But, these are all things you already knew, right?! The next and final reason is maybe a better reason it ranks No. 1 in my friend list.

4) I can put it down any time I want and it’ll still be there to do all those miraculous things mentioned above when I pick it up again.

So, here’s the deal. This is a mom’s blog which implies the majority of us have children. I can tell you first hand how fast these kids grow up. And, while there are so many interesting and engaging things to see and read through one of these powerful BFFs, our kids are beyond phenomenal. They say and do the craziest things. And, they are still doing them, even when our faces are being recognized (you know, so that blasted phone will stay lit) by our BFF. Don’t let all the wonderful time with your little ones slip away!

How can you make time for your BFF and your kids?

1) Set some boundaries. If your kids are no longer taking naps, chances are they could still benefit from a quiet hour. Mommies need that hour to recharge their batteries (insert midday glass of wine here, no you don‘t have to report this to the CFO).


2) Sign a contract. If your kids are anything like mine, they have definitely called me out on phone usage when it came to me needing to “do something” on my BFF instead of coming to see their block tower, Barbie house, etc… If given a contract, they’d be sure to let me know I’m breaking a promise and I hate disappointing my kids.


3) Ask for a reminder. I told my girls shortly after my third child (a son) was born that they might need to remind mommy that “it can wait.” I was getting so caught up with trying to conquer the world (aka clean the house) when the baby slept. My girls (5 and 6 years old) were getting the shaft. Big. Time. And, once again, they called me out. “Mom, you don’t ever play with us anymore.” (Insert sting here.)

But wait, the kids are now asleep for the night and I can finally have some QT time with my BFF…or should I? Aren’t I still married? Again, I need to remind myself of the above guidelines and so should you.

mom and teaAbout Ceri

Hi All! Ceri here. More commonly known as Mom, Mommy, Kiki, Honey and more often “HEY.” I am originally from VA Beach, VA but have been calling Knoxville home since 1986. I graduated UTK in December 2005 with a Bachelors in Anthropology and married the love of my life the following April. Wow, when you type it like that it makes it seem so uncomplicated. Anyways, I have three children, two dogs, one cat and seven (sometimes 13) chickens. Yes, I get eggs. No, they aren’t for sale. I come from a family of nine and we’ve mostly all started to reproduce. My family hails in the West Knox area and attend a home school co-op during the week. And by week‘s end, you‘ll find me in the nursery at my church. I enjoy crafting, traveling, hiking, cooking and letterboxing (to name a few, and in no particular order). Generally, the busier I am, the better. And, while downtime is nice, I often find myself plotting my next move during those moments. My life is an open book, please feel free to ask. But, don’t ask for the book, I haven’t written it yet. Find more from Ceri on her blog.


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  1. April
    April February 19, 2015 at 5:26 pm #

    Who needs a smartphone when they have me?

    • Ceri February 21, 2015 at 8:41 am #

      So true

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