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There was once a time where you existed as just one. Singularly in form, life moved. Schedules were penciled in just one color: YOURS. Your body contained only the necessities needed for life to continue for a single heartbeat’s sake. Yes, YOURS.

I call this the white space. It’s that allotment on our lifelines where we dreamed family and wished for the days to come with a house full. Where planning a wedding and decorating a nursery where the absolute hopefuls that filled the space between girlfriend weekend get-a-ways and trips to the pool in between summer jobs.

This space is stretched out and long ago. It was that narrow corridor that we walked with a longing for plural and a yet a complete ignorance to the beauty of self. I know there are times when the white space seemed forever. When the time just waiting for that very forever we know now as family only seemed to blanch itself out even more uncertain.

And then there’s the now. The forever that ticks our clocks up 2 and 3 times a night for feedings. Or perhaps punching your time card well before your family to pack lunches, sign permission slips and make sure the schedule you now know as US is running smoothly.

If we’re honest, there are days when we miss the white space. When the call to be in charge of just one color on the calendar would be so nice to revisit even for just a day  I am not quite certain what compels us to wish away the years and want for the next chapters in our storybook.

But I can say that with each season, there becomes a new space where white encompasses who we are. It’s that very idea that we always have this empty space in us. Only now the space looks like dreams of sleeping through the night or perhaps finishing paying off that car note or college loan.

For the white space we live in and the very one we long for, may we each find peace in the best space we have: the one we call NOW. For life really is just that long narrow corridor of uncertainty. It’s up to each of us to walk it with our best steps making memories beautiful along the way.

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  1. Lauren March 27, 2015 at 9:55 am #

    Ah yes, I missed that white space every single second of the newborn phase. I longed for it. Now, it’s just a vague past memory and and old chapter. I find new ways to add a little white space today to make me feel like my old self. Now all the other space is colorful and I wouldn’t change it!

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