Underneath it All: Gold’s Gym 3D Body Scan

Disclaimer: The images included in this post are of a physically active mother of two who is also a woman who enjoys pizza and beer. Feel free to scroll quickly past the images — no need to linger.

We are all decently aware of what we weigh and have a general idea of our overall fitness (or lack thereof). You know the size you wear (even if it’s a leggings size). You know what food you eat. But do you know what percentage of body fat you have? Do you know your “non-fat” weight? Do you know your shoulder slope or back posture? I didn’t know any of that.

Here’s what I did know: I am in a “good” physical condition with the level of activity I engage in.

I also know that my body has grown and birthed two baby girls. I know that I enjoy pizza on the reg. I know that I am a solid size 10. I know that I have thick thighs and a belly that shows it has grown two babies. I am fully aware that there is room for improvement.

I decided to try the 3D Body Scan at Gold’s Gym to learn more about my fitness and my body.

I had done a little research before my appointment so I knew what the imagery would look like. When you go for your scan, you will wear tight compression bottoms and a sports bra. You will need to wear your hair up off of your neck and you will take your shoes off. You will sit down with a Gold’s Gym employee and go over your physical activity, your goals, diet, and any injuries from which you may be suffering. After the initial discussion, you will enter a small private area where you stand on a small revolving circular board. The whole imaging process takes about 35 seconds as the revolving board slowly spins you. You will put your shirt and shoes back on, and a Gold’s Gym employee will join you at a computer to go over your results.

Check out this video to see it in action!

When that first 3D image popped on the screen I wanted to say, “Oh my gosh, scroll down!” But the information and the visual were astounding. That was me: giant thighs, chunky belly and all. Internally I told myself, “This is why you come to the gym.” So I put my embarrassment aside and listened to the Gold’s Gym employee break it down piece by piece. 

I was told my body fat percentage, whether it was healthy, as well as how it compared to other women. I learned how much of my weight was fat and how much was non-fat (like organs, bones, etc.). I learned the actual size of my bust, waist, biceps, calves and hips. I learned that I could actually wear a smaller banded bra. I learned that my body fat percentage was healthy, but was also told that if I lost seven pounds of fat (not just seven pounds), I would most likely feel and look better. I have never been concerned about the number on the scale. I know that if I weighed 150 pounds and another woman also weighed 150 pounds, we could potentially look completely different. I care most about how I feel and how my clothes fit, but hearing that losing seven pounds of fat would most likely positively improve the way I felt and looked gives me a reachable goal. 

I am so excited to have a numeric goal and a way to measure my progress. Gold’s Gym suggests getting a body scan every 30 days to see your progress and allows you to tweak your workouts to help reach your goals. I am so glad that I took the time to do the body scan and I cannot wait to do another to see the progress I’ve made. The Gold’s Gym employee never made me feel insecure about my results, yet was so incredibly encouraging and offered attainable goals. In the coming days, I will be utilizing the one-hour complimentary meeting with a personal trainer to learn how to effectively use the machines and workouts to reach my goals.

While my results were not the worst they’ve ever seen (maybe she was just being super nice?), I know there is much more to accomplish in regards to my physical fitness. I am so ready to conquer those goals.

Contact your local Gold’s Gym to learn more about membership and the 3D Body Scan.

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