Teachers: The Back-To-School Edition


It’s that time of year when the local community pools begin to miss those extra splashes and sunscreen tubes scattered about their decks. Bright yellow buses begin to tank up and take trial route runs. Crayons are bought waxy fresh and pencils are no longer a version of a jump off the diving board, but are of more of the pointy sharp variety inside backpacks in transit to and fro.

I’ve just finished up my first week with my new classes.

Meeting new faces each school year never gets old. I think that’s because I don’t see these names on my roster as students. Yes, they have a lunch number and an emergency card. Sure, they will accumulate grades, check out library books, and have field trip permission forms that come back signed. In so many ways, they are, in fact, just a small piece in my profession. Their time with me is limited. Their tenure with me will stand firmly marked by a state test score and a permanent record file, too. Yet, I see them as humans. Humans flawed with real outstanding talents and gifts. Individuals growing. In process just like you and me.

Education is a profession that feeds the world. From this trade of teaching, doctors are made and mechanics become real. The classroom is that place where hope finds face and where hands and feet feel out what dreams might could be imagined. Teachers are the hope breathers. We’re the ones that make room for mistakes and welcome try, try again with poise and purpose.

And this job takes every ounce of heart and effort of energy imaginable. It takes selfless acts of grace so many times a day. I’d love to say that this profession is just with its salary and job description. I’d love to boast that counties across America provide their teachers with funding and support and quality educational training tactics, too.

Teachers, the ones who know the beauty of this artful science we call our day-to-day, count each day as a privilege. Their time is never balanced, but more in tune with the melody of their trade. It is with a high honor that I get to teach along side the likes of these. I effort the work and the heart trade-offs with wonderful individuals like this each and every day. Hope breathers. World feeders. Game changers, too. Because there’s nothing more fulfilling than to watch the eyes of child who only sees “can’t” one day open them to know that they “can.”

To the teachers, I wish you a joy explosion this year. One that spills out of you and into every heart of the ones who know their name on your roll. May they never feel anything but the intentional acts the human you see ahead of time that they will become. Our world is counting on just this.

Happy back-to-school to us all!

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