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TJ's Main Graphic

Trader Joe’s Knows: A Guide to the Store

Trader Joe’s knows how to run a grocery business. I have shopped at a lot of grocery stores, but TJ’s has been one of my favorite shopping experiences. I almost feel like I’m wandering around on a tropical island (insert employees with Hawaiian shirts) rather than roaming grocery aisles. From the music to the eye-catching artwork, it’s […]

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Online Thrifting

Your Guide to Online Thrifting

Hi, my name is Caitland (hi Caitland), and I have a shopping addiction. Real bad. I get an hour-long lunch break at my job…five minutes of that is scarfing down food so I can spend the other 55 minutes driving to and from stores or shopping from my phone. There is nothing that can lift […]

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garage sale101 FINISHED1

Garage Sales 101

It’s here! Garage sale season has officially begun! I am obsessed with finding good garage sales and good deals. If you happened to glance at my basement {ahem, daughter’s playroom} you would think I am crazy and that my daughter is spoiled. While I am not saying either of those statements are false, you would […]

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Maximizing Your Holiday Shopping

Maximizing Your Holiday Shopping

With all the shopping we’ll be doing over the next few weeks, we thought it would be helpful to have a post with the various ways to save some money while shopping this year. God knows we all could use some savings during the holiday season! Whether it’s getting those “must-have” gifts at the best […]

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