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Beware the Mommy Martyr

Beware the “Mommy Martyr”

Mommy martyrs.  We’ve likely all met one before. Always put upon, always over-tired, always with something to do for someone, somewhere.  We also likely all know those other moms who make it all seem effortless, who ooze genuine enjoyment and fulfillment as they guide their little ones through tantrums and triumphs, who seem to never […]

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The Last Baby Blues

The Last Baby Blues

The postpartum period is a weird time in general.  It’s unpredictable, lasts way longer than most expect it to, and generally morphs from day to day into something as new and equally as confusing as it was the day before. After my first child I was overcome with an anxiety so intense it took almost […]

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Listening to your Gut

When trying to think of a title for this post, my first thought was “Mom Gut.” However, I realized that title gave the idea that I was going to be writing about that squishy, stretch mark-filled area where you used to have your bellybutton pierced but now just have a bad scar and loose skin […]

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Just a Phase

Motherhood is a beautiful mess. So many beautiful incidences fill your days, so much so that there won’t be nearly enough time to capture them all, leaving it all a memory, and so special that it’s your memory. But with those beautiful moments come messy moments too. Messy moments when you question…was parenthood the right […]

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Battle After the Bulge

The Battle AFTER the Bulge

When I say Battle After the Bulge, I’m not talking about the normal battle of the bulge post pregnancy—you know, the one that leaves you with very little time to yourself, disastrous eating habits developed during the ravenous feeding frenzies of pregnancy, and a bit more ‘junk’ to cram back into your pre-pregnancy jeans! No, the battle I’m […]

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