Sweet Summer Memories

Summer is always a marker of time for me. Sweet memories of a moment that feels like yesterday, but may have been years ago. Sometimes it’s not the long-planned vacation, but a simple thing that takes me back.

{Some of our happiest memories are spent at the lake during the summer. We’ve been there since my husband and I met and now bring our children.}

The lake is a place of fond summer memories.

We stopped in a cove recently and I can remember sitting in that same spot twelve years earlier. We were in the same boat, but it wasn’t filled with kids yet. We were the kids and it was the summer before we got married. Just days spent at the lake, without a care in the world. Nathan, my husband, was doing lots of wake boarding tricks.

Fast forward five years and we are at the dock with a baby in a little plastic pool, hoping we were getting it right with our first child.

{Summer changes everything. Sweet boys on the same beach steps they run up every summer. These photos are three years apart.}

Seasons change and summer goes.

When we were young, it seemed like it would never end. Just endless days of no school and play. Lazy days spent at the pool reading magazines and summer jobs. As I’ve grown up, summer slips away too quickly and in the blink of an eye, it’s over. I want to hold onto summer and cherish it a little bit longer. It marks time that is slipping away too quickly and children who grow up too fast. Precious moments of summer fun that will never be the same again. I hope I am a good steward of this precious time granted to me. 

I take the picture, mentally and physically. I hope I can remember these moments and treasure them forever. Making summer memories are my favorite. What is your favorite summer memory? Do you have a tradition that you continue every summer?

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