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Are you ready for summer full of adventure? Then join the quest for adventure at The Little Gym of Farragut and Knoxville!

Each week The Little Gym hosts a new camp with a new theme for ages 3-8 years. This year some of the themes are: The Secret Clue to the Baby Animal Zoo, The Treasures of Magical Mountain, Green Beard’s Pirate Ship, The Dragon’s Lair Slumber Party, The Race to Outer Space!, The Super Grown-Ups, Hawaiian Hide &  Seek, and The Neat Ninja League.

rainbow castle

Don’t these themes sound like a whole lot of fun? They run all summer long starting on June 1st all the way through August 14th, Monday-Friday 9am-12pm. You can pick a few days or a whole week depending on your needs!

For the older children, ages 6-12 years, they are also offering Skill Thrill Summer Camp. 

caribbean vaulting volcano

These camps are more specialty camps and are designed for older kids (ages 6-12) who want to learn more specific gymnastics and tumbling skills, or those who want to practice more of their technique with these specific skills. Each week focuses on a different skill. Tuesdays at the Knoxville location and Thursdays at the Farragut location from 1:30 pm-4:30 pm. See the image above for the specific themes and skills!

Not sure of what dates you’ll want to go or your summer schedule? You need the Summer Camp Family Flex Pass!

The Summer Camp Family Flex Pass allows siblings to use the same Flex Pass for Camps. So, if a family that has 2 children buys a 20 Day Camp Flex Pass, they have 20 days of camp that can be used at any time throughout the summer for their 2 kids. Flex passes are great because they offer a lot of flexibility for families who aren’t quite sure what their summer plans entail. With the flex pass, parents can call 24 hours in advance to reserve a camp spot provided there is space available. They are also discounted over our regular daily camp rate.

Camp Tuition:

$32/day members; $37/day non-members

Become a member of The Little Gym, buy A Flex Pass and use it for siblings too!

10 Day Flex Pass: $285

15 Day Flex Pass: $395

20 Day Flex Pass: $490

Have questions? Feel free to check out their website or give them a call 865-966-4FUN at the Farragut location or 865-583-1166 at the Knoxville location.

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