Summer Fitness for Moms


I do believe there are few things in life more beautiful than a new mother’s body. In January, my son crawled into my soft arms the very first time. Since that moment, he has loved every cushion.

Although, my postpartum recovery co-conspired with my usual winter laziness. Now, I am left with extra cushion around the waist and thighs as bikini season approaches fast.

This summer I do deserve a break. I can take into account calories I burn daily, from picking up fallen pacifiers, to pacing the room late at night. Breastfeeding, alone, burns hundreds of calories.

But exercise is important. Alongside a healthy diet, exercise can help prevent postpartum depression, promote healthy sleep and increase stamina. This should be enough motivation to work up a sweat every day.

For those of us who are a few months, weeks or days shy of the delivery room, exercise may be intimidating, overwhelming and out of the question. It is important to take cues from our body before we begin exercise.

I simply struggle with motivation. However, I have discovered a powerful fitness incentive – meeting other moms! There are many opportunities around Knoxville that meet my fitness and socializing needs. These classes also incorporate baby into the workout routine! Exercising with baby may promote bonding time and better cognitive development for our little ones.

Momma/Baby Yoga

The Glowing Body offers post-natal yoga for mammas and their mini yogis on Wednesdays at 11:00am. The stretches are slow-paced and simple. Baby carriers/wraps are welcomed and the final savasana includes feeding time. I brought my little one with me when he was 10-weeks. The course was a great way to stretch my unused muscles, bond with my baby in a calm environment and meet like-minded mommas. Click here for more information.

Lisa Ross Birth and Women’s Center offers a brand new yoga class for moms and their little ones, from 2 months to 2 years. According to their website, “This class is designed for postpartum mothers to strengthen, stretch, and de-stress all while connecting with their new baby.” The class is offered on Wednesdays at noon, and costs $5.


Lisa Ross also hosts “Walk and Wear” every Thursday at 11:30am at Ijams Nature Center. “Walk and Wear” is a great opportunity for parents to meet other parents. The event is free to participants. More info about all events at LRBWC can be found on their Facebook page and on their calendar.

Go no further than the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for light hiking throughout the summer. Strap baby in a carrier and pack extra water. A list of easy, shorter hikes can be found here.

Knox Track Club provides information for local 5ks, kids’ runs, trail runs and more. Buy, borrow, bargain for a jogging stroller and plan for a 5k or two over the summer. A list of events can be found here.

Swimming Lessons

The YMCA offers swimming lessons for all ages. Hop in the pool with your little one, so you can gain a little exercise while you teach him/her to paddle around and blow bubbles in the water. Starting at 6 months, you can register your baby for private or group classes. More info can be found here.

Baby-free Classes

Take advantage of free child-care and have tons of fun at our favorite work-out spots:

Neighborhood Barre is the hottest fitness trend, unique in combining elements of yoga, dance and weight training. Get ready for full-body workout while also improving balance and flexibility. Find a class at one of five locations around Knoxville. More info can be found here.

At Turbo-spin Cycling Studio, near Bearden Shopping Center, you will maximize your workout potential. Spin away to a fresh, energetic playlist on top-notch equipment. Visit their website to sign-up for a class today!

What is your favorite way to get exercise, with or without your little one? Share with us in the comments! Happy exercising, mommas!

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