Simple, Affordable Summer Activites

Simple, Affordable, and Sometimes FREE summer activities (2)

Summer is finally here! After what seems like weeks of a tease from summer with off and on cool temps, I think the warmer temperatures are here to stay! Since having kids I have grown to have a love/hate relationship with summer. I love the more laid back feel, fresh food, living in jean shorts and flip flops, late summer evenings on back porches, and basically just living outside. I don’t love how the lack of schedule seems to throw everyone off and how each morning and I am greeted with these lovely words from my four year old, “Hey Mom!  What are we going to do today??”

Here are some simple, affordable, and some times FREE things to do this summer:

1. Go fishing:

Like really. You NEED to do this with your kids. Just you and your kids. Go to the store, buy a fishing rod for 10 bucks and then go to a tackle shop and buy some worms. Real worms. While you are there you need to buy a bag of chips, a Sun Drop and some Fun Dip. Yes, the real messy kind that’s pure sugar. Your kids will LOVE you for this and if you don’t end up catching a fish, your kids won’t care because you let them actually eat Fun Dip.
Luckily on our first fishing trip we did catch a fish and coming from a mom and kid who had no idea what we were doing, it was like something out of a movie when we reeled that thing in. It is still one of our favorite memories and we can’t wait to go again!

2. Go hiking:

Hiking with kids can be so fun! I recommend going early before it gets too hot and packing lots of snacks for the most success. You definitely can (and should at some point) drive up to the Smoky Mountains to go on a hike, but there are also wonderful places right here in Knoxville that are great to take the kiddos. This is a fantastic website that outlines some local and regional hikes.

 3. Play frisbee golf:

Frisbee golf has become one of our favorite things to do with the kids. Once you buy the frisbee it is absolutely free and so fun! There are three frisbee golf courses in Knoxville: Victor Ashe Park, Morningside Park, and Admiral Farragut Park. We visit the one at Admiral Farragut because it is closest to our house, but I think it is also the shortest course as far as walking distance, so it might be a good place to start if you haven’t been before. Set your standards low and just have fun with it!

4. Go canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding:

The Cove at Concord Park is one of our favorite parks to visit year round, but we especially love to go during the summer because there is so much you can do there! You can play on the playground, ride bikes around the trail, feed the ducks, play in the sand on the beach, and if you are willing to spend a little money, they have a wonderful shop set up where you can rent canoes, kayaks, or SUP for the day for a fee of $35.

Splash pads, farmers’ markets, parks, berry pickin’ patches…this is what summer is made of!! We can do this mommas!! And remember, none of these activities will go off without a hitch, but you and your kids will be making memories and that’s ALL THAT MATTERS. If all else fails at the end of the day, let the kids stay up late, grab a mason jar, and go catch some lightening bugs. It doesn’t get more “summer time” or any simpler than that.

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