Read All About It: Books For Your Beach Bag

I’ve always been a voracious reader and in my younger days, I could easily devour a novel in a single day. Now that things like a job, two hungry kids and a never-ending laundry pile fill my days, I can’t sneak nearly as much time to dive into a book as I used to. And, quite honestly, even when I find time to read, it’s sometimes a struggle just to stay awake to turn the pages.

BUT, when I do stay awake enough to turn the pages I’m quickly reminded how addicting a great book can be.

Enter my 2017 goal: Read one book each month.

I’m not gonna lie – I have no big aspirations for historical fiction or even self-help books. I have {um…. I guess I should say “get”} to do enough of that for work! I’m really hoping that I can rack up more than one book each month, but let’s be honest about the fact that “life happens,” as they say.

Since we’re coming up on vacation season, I thought I’d share some good books, in case you’re looking for a great read to stash in your beach bag, too.

Small Great Things

I’m a HUGE Jodi Piccoult fan. Her style of writing from different perspectives just sucks me in. I’ve been a faithful fan for many years {and I’m also a devout book-turned-lifetime-movie fan of hers}. This is her latest novel and it tackles the topic of racism, making you question so many of your own beliefs and assumptions.




Big Little Lies


DEFINITE page turner. I just finished the HBO series, too, and while I usually like the book better than its movie/TV counterpart, I’m having a hard time deciding. Maybe it’s my unrequited love for anything Reese Witherspoon, or maybe I just loved seeing the gorgeous beach real estate… either way. I’d recommend the book first, though.



The Girl Before


I read this at the beach last year… in a single day. My girlfriends thought I was crazy… I actually read the last few pages during the previews before we saw “Bad Moms.” The subject matter is pretty deep, but it’s an excellent story.




What Alice Forgot


I received this book at our Knoxville Mom’s Blog “Favorite Things” party a few years back and I’m always surprised how few of my friends have read it. Imagine coming to after fainting at the gym only to find out you have no recollection of the past 10 years. Ironically, I feel like this most days #mombrain.



The Husband’s Secret


This is my current read. I haven’t yet found out the big secret, but I love it already. Similar to Small Great Things, each chapter represents a different character.




Up next:

First Comes Love


I haven’t started this one yet, but like all of Emily Giffin’s books, go ahead and assume this one will be added to my list of recommendations once I read the first chapter.




Now YOU tell ME: What are you reading that I should I add to my list?


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