Quick Workouts for Moms


There are various motives as to why we exercise. Many women use this expenditure of calories for stress relief. A getaway of sorts from the grind and gristle of daily life. Those hangnails like the washing machine quitting mid-spin, the overdraft fee of a check you thought had cleared, or the eleventy-nine choruses of “Mom, I’m hungry” or my personal favorite roared from the back seat of the car, “He won’t stop kicking me, Mama!” moments provide us, Moms, with ample reason to sweat.it.out.

Of course, there’s the aesthetically charged motive for adorning the sweat socks and spandex pants. Women wanna look good. By and large, women are the queen bee of vanity when it comes to age, weight, and wrinkle status.

Happily, it is here where I entice you with the most important reason as to why the dumbbells and brisk walks should be vitally present in ladies’ lives: Women need to be healthy.

Longevity of life is increased when we hit the pavement or pump up the iron. This article as well as this article provide such motivation for exercise and movement. Adding years to your life while becoming strong not just on the inside, but the out as well, is a huge positive to carving out time to exercise. As noted in this article, people increase the cravings of the nutrients that are good for your body when exercise is a routine.

All of this research is super grand and informative, but the big punch line here is time. Moms simply have little extra of this highly coveted go-round. It’s not easy to find an hour to steal away from toddlers, job responsibilities, grocery store trips, and extracurricular activities lined up for your littles. Date nights and the good ole leisurely jogs kinda don’t make it to the dinner table if you know what I mean. We are busy. Fortunately, I’ve found some great workouts that need nothing more than your presence to bring out your inner Richard Simmons!

Check out these 5 workout pin-worthy sites:

Diary of a Fit Mommy

I love her six week no-gym workout plan. I have her in my rotation of workouts that I personally use. These workouts take about 15 minutes to complete.

Betty Rocker

This lady rocks! She promotes health and strength as the equivalent to beauty. I used her FREE 30 day workout all from the comfort of my home. Her workouts take about 15 minutes and she does a great job explaining the reason for each move. I absolutely love her meal plans, too!

Work Out Labs

This is the place for workout cards. They are FREE PRINTABLE cards you can file away or take anywhere with you. I love the visual of the exercise as well as the information on how many reps you are to do of each.

Coach M. Morris

This site is wonderful as it provides you with a weekly leveled workout plan. It allows you to build on consistency and rhythm in your workout regimen. The information is clearly presented and so very organized, too.

Fitness Republic

I am currently crushing on the 30 Day Abs Summer Challenge. I love the layout and the way that this workout gives you tips for strengthening your core by the daily activities you do with regards to drinking water, number of times you eat per day, as well as the portion size that you consume.

Motives are why we do what we do. By leaning into the mindset of being the strongest, most healthy you can be, the beauty of being a woman, moreover, Mom will not only shine out, but, most importantly, settle in.

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa June 18, 2016 at 8:13 pm #

    I have been working out by using small printable weekly challenges. I like to mix it up and keep myself accountable or I won’t do it. Thanks for the extra resources!

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