Quick Care After Hours to the Rescue!

You’ve got to know where to go before it happens!

Ah, spring. You and the kids are actually home for a change. You’ve got the window open, enjoying the breeze. The kids are out playing in the yard with their friends. Their laughter floating in. Dinner is, miraculously, in the oven. You allow a small smile to creep upon your face and a contented sigh. And then…

kids playing“Mommmmmmm!”

Your heart stops. You slam your glass on the counter and bolt outside. Every worse-case scenario rolls through your mind. It’s the youngest, your baby. Yes, she’s 10 next month, but still.

She is holding her arm. No, it’s her wrist. Oh, now the oldest is yelling it’s not his fault. Chaos ensues. Your mind is a whirl of thoughts. Is it broken? Should we see a doctor? Or worse, gulp, go to the ER?

Okay, no one is bleeding or passed out. Your heart slows to a more normal rhythm. Your brain begins to work again. “Let’s all go get in the car, please,” you say, as calmly as possible, as you run inside and turn off the oven. “Oh well, you think, “the kids hate that casserole anyway.” You grab your phone, call your husband to let him know what’s up and then you drive over to Quick Care After Hours.

No, not the pediatrician. Not this time. They’re who you go to when you need a fever or infection diagnosed, and, more than likely, the office is closed.

No, not the local Urgent Care. Again, great when one of the kids starts running a fever Saturday morning, but when you need an x-ray of a wrist or ankle, they won’t have the diagnostic equipment to diagnose exactly what’s wrong.

And certainly not the ER for a non-life threatening condition! Unless of course you want to wait in a room full of germs, while the heart attacks, strokes, and hunting accidents get seen before you do.

Yes, Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinic’s Quick Care After Hours!

It’s so easy – you just have to remember us. TOC Quick Care After Hours. Stop in one of our two locations at Parkwest Tower or Oak Ridge Physician’s Plaza. No appointment is needed! M-F 4-8 pm and Saturday 9-1. Would you like to save a time slot? Visit our website at www.tocdocs.com/quick-care-after-hours/ and use our Priority Scheduling.


We will take good care of you, ease your concerns and get your family back to it’s crazy, busy schedule in no time.

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