Questions My 3 Year Old Hasn’t Asked

Dear friends, here is a list of questions that I haven’t been asked by my three year old:



I don’t think there’s one more question that she could possibly ask me. She tells me stories and then asks me questions about reasoning in her story.
For example: When the baby gets bigger, she will sleep in my bed and we will have sleepovers. She will wear my jammies.
<long pause>
Momma, why is the baby going to wear my jammies?

Real life, folks.

Another conversation we have just about every day:
Me: Do you want pancakes for breakfast?
Daughter: Why?
Me: Well, it’s breakfast and you just said you were hungry.
Daughter: I’m not hungry.
<10 minutes later…>
Me: Where are my pancakes?

She’s at such a fun and interesting age where she literally questions everything.

“Why?” is her favorite. She has a why question for any statement you tell her. And then she has another why question for your answer.

<riding in the car>
Daughter: Why did we stop, Momma?
Me: Because there’s a red light.
Daughter: Why?
Me: Well, I guess that’s just the way the world works.
Daughter: Why?
“I like it. She’s inquisitive,” says the husband.

Insert all the expressionless face emojis you can fit.

Sure. Yes. I’m glad her little brain is questioning and processing. But everyday, all day!?
I made the terrible mistake of yelling for her one day while on vacation to look at a raccoon eating a banana peel:
Me: Hey! Come here, I want to show you something!
Daughter: What do you want to show me, Momma?
Me: Ah, it’s gone now!
Daughter: Momma, what you want to show me?
Me: Sorry, it’s gone. It was a raccoon.
Daughter: Where?
Me: It’s gone.
Daughter: Why?
Me: I don’t know. It ran away.
Daughter: Why did you yell for me then?
Me: I don’t know.
<30 minutes later>
Daughter: Hey mom, what you want show me?
<The next day>
Daughter: Momma, what you want to show me?
I’m trying to convince her that I’m just stupid, thinking that if I respond “I don’t know” she won’t possibly have a follow up question.
But then she thinks of a NEW question unrelated to the previous.
I think my new response will be, “Ask your dad.”

Cheers to all the moms who spend their days answering the never-ending list of questions!

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