Pick a Phrase – Living a Life Motto

If you had to engrave a piece of jewelry with a quick phrase, a reminder to yourself daily, what would it be?

Throughout all the seasons of my life, I’ve picked a motto or some thought that I repeat to myself often. They’ve changed as the seasons have. Pre-kids, when I took up distance running, it was “Run ‘Til It’s Done.” I used that for years for a multitude of situations at work and home, pushing myself to keep at it until I’d accomplished a goal.

Two and a half years ago, in midst of some huge life changes and challenges, I adopted “Be Brave.” I find myself measuring most decisions and actions back to this simple directive. Do I need to be brave to do it? Am I brave enough to try it? Is it brave to model it? If so, I jump off the cliff and do it. I share it with my teammates, and I encourage my friends with it. It truly is a sentence to live by at this great time in my life.

I asked some of the other KMB moms to share their life mottos with you – some are personal, and some are family mottos. I hope you find one that resonates with you or encourages you to create our own.

Lyssa Beth — “Just focus and take one day at a time.” As a mom of five, it’s really easy for my mind to be all over the place. But with so much going on, I need to focus on each day that comes. Otherwise, everything spirals out of control.

Christie — “Love where you live.” We are all planted where we are for a purpose, so instead of focusing on the negative, let’s focus on all the good that our communities have to offer. Love where you live and share what makes your town special!

Francesca I use “Never Give Up” as a reminder to my children (and myself) that no matter the obstacle, it’s important to persevere and learn to fight through adversity. I find this phrase is applicable to both significant and minor life moments.

Lindsay “We can do hard things” because we CAN!

Crystal I tell myself “His grace is sufficient for me” CONSTANTLY, especially when I’m particularly bummed about a situation.

Kara “She believed she could so she did.” I love that it shows a girl’s/woman’s strength, ambition and success.

Andrea “It is what it is.” That phrase has helped me get through hard times, accept the things I can’t change and generally just become more relaxed and go with the flow.

Sara I usually say “whatever is worth doing is worth doing well” or similarly “all you have to do is your best.” It’s something my mom said to me when I was a kid to calm me. Now I say it to my daughter, both to encourage her to try new things even if she won’t do them perfectly right the first time and also to hold her to a higher standard if she’s trying to slack on something she can do better with.

Autumn “Have courage and be kind.” I stole it from the Cinderella movie. It motivates me to move mountains and makes me feel warm and fuzzy all at the same time.

Rachel Mine comes from my mom but is also just an older phrase. “This too shall pass.” Mom told me that phrase got her through nursing school. I used that phrase to get me through culture shock living abroad.

Katherine My mother-in-law taught my kids this little saying this summer and we’ve stuck to saying it each morning: “This is my day, I will be loving, gentle, and kind. I will treat others as I would like to be treated. I will look around me and see all the wonders of the world. I will be thankful. I will look inside me and see all that makes me special. This is our day, let us use it for all it’s worth.”

What is your life motto?


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    Lindsay September 21, 2017 at 2:36 pm #

    Love this! Great work, Erika!

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