Knoxville Cultural Festivals 2018

Knoxville’s Cultural Festivals {2018}

Have you ever wondered about other countries’ cultures? Are you interested in sharing different cultural traditions with your kids? If so, Knoxville has a lot of cultural festivals every year that celebrate different countries and cultures. Cultural festivals are a great way to introduce your children to the diversity of different countries, ethnicities, and people […]

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Mothers Advocates Activists (2)

Mothers, Advocates, Activists

You get a lot of warnings and well-intentioned advice when you’re expecting, and quite a range, depending on the range of your circle. Everyone’s experiences will paint the words they share with you. Some will ring true for you, some will not. By the time you’re staring down your due date, you feel as though […]

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AFS Preschool Program

Five Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Selecting the Perfect Preschool Program

Are you considering enrolling your child in a Preschool? If so, you need to know that not all Preschools are the same and the benefits of a Performing Arts Preschool Programs are incredible. It is important that parents choose carefully and wisely since this is a vital age for the development of young minds. To […]

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