KMB Team Three

Welcome to Knoxville Moms Blog!

It’s here.  Finally after all this planning and preparation, my team and I are ready to introduce the Knoxville Moms Blog to the city we love, Knoxville! After I had my first son, I found myself alone in motherhood.  Most of my friends who had children were far from the newborn stage. When my boy […]

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Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving with Two Kids

So we finally decided tonight would be the night to carve our pumpkins!!  Or should I say this was one of the few nights before Halloween that we all would be home to participate in this fun filled family night.  Since I’m always up for a good sale, I had planned ahead last year and […]

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The Dog Days Are Over

Remember when before you had kids, your dogs were your babies? You took them on walks, included them in Christmas photos, and maybe they even slept in your bed. Then your bundle of joy arrives and soon those fur babies have become a distant memory. It’s safe to say the dog days are over. We […]

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