New Year, New Attitude

With the New Year upon us, we have been presented with a new start. Allow this turn of the calendar to act as a wipe for a clean slate. A fresh start if you will. And with this fresh start, have a fresh attitude.


The timing may be especially hard coming down off the high of the holidays. Thanks to social media our lives are filled with seeing the happy families all together that you may not have had, the stacks of presents under the trees that you may not have been able to provide, and the perfect family photos that litter your mail box that you may long for. But just know, that even those families have stories. And while most of them have dark stories somewhere in their past, many of them choose to highlight the positives in their lives and you should too.

We all have a story. That story molds us into the people we will become and have already become. Some of our stories are those of fairy tales, some of tribulations. If the first few chapters of your life include the latter, tales of hardship and misfortune, count them as lessons learned and use those experiences to teach you how to be a better person. Take with you the positive aspects of the outcome. You cannot flip the pages back and rewrite your book, but you still have plenty of time to create the chapters to come and those are completely up to you. Decide to write them as you wish.


Photo by Katherine Birkbeck at KB Photography

If you have children, focus on what a joy they are and what purpose they bring to your life. Focus on your health. Focus on the privilege you have earned to have a paying job or the good fortune to be capable of staying at home with your children. Focus on all of the small things that make your day to day function: your car or your friends that offer to carpool, your warm home or the family that allow you to stay with them, the food on your table or those that donated it. The list goes on and on. This is a New Year and perfect timing for a new attitude.

Cheers to a new you!

Can you believe it is 2015? What is it that you plan to focus on for the New Year?

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