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Every year the Knoxville Moms Blog has a Favorite Things Party for contributors. I look forward to this holiday get together because it is one of the few times we focus on each other. We do not see each other very often and when we do, we are usually busy hosting the events (which we also love!).  We usually meet at a local restaurant, bring three of the same item ($10 or under), draw names, and exchange the items. This time is special because it is yet another way we get to know each other and support each other as mammas. It is nice to pamper each other. Unfortunately, I missed this year’s Favorite Things Party because I had the flu—not one of my favorite things.  

Making lists is one of my favorite things, so for this post I am going to make a list of my must-haves that are $10ish or under. This is also a great list to leave on the fridge or counter top in case Santa’s helper needs a little help on how to pamper Mamma. It is also a good list for mamma to mamma gifts or even a gift to yourself.

Notice that I did not list any housekeeping or “work” related items (i.e. kitchen towels, dish soap, or note pads). The focus here is all about making mamma feel good. Moms are a family’s heart. Moms often naturally manage the house, soothe booboos, chase away nightmare monsters, provide sexual healing for their lover, and handle a full-time career. Moms give a lot and although the rewards are immeasurable, it is nice to be on the receiving end.

Most of the items can be purchased locally, some at small business specialty shops like The Knoxville Food Co-Op, Bliss and The Mast General Store. Many can also be found at Target, Kohl’s, Whole Foods, World Market, and Wal-Mart too. Please note that this is not a sponsored post for any store or brand. Also note that any prices I list are estimates and not exact.


  • Tinkle Eyebrow Kit ($6); (Some mammas like to shave their parts…like arms.)
  • Fake Eye Lashes ($2—$10)
  • Face Cream ($10—$15); (Say Yes to Coconut Spray Lotion and Yes to Cucumber Eye Cream are a few of my faves.)
  • Nail Polish ($9); (Essie is popular right now.)
  • Eyeliner Kit ($5); (I like Elf sampler pack.)
  • Lip Gloss or Tint ($2—$10); (I am using Lush “It Started With a Kiss,” Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Burt’s Bees, and Forever21 Lip Gloss near the counter.)
  • Aluminum Free Deodorant ($7—$12); (My top fave is Lush Aromaco Bar Deodorant, but PiperWai Natural Deodorant seems hot right now.)
  • Luxury Soaps ($3—$9); (I love to get these at our local natural grocery stores.)



  • Dangle Earrings ($10)
  • Infinity Scarf ($12)
  • Boot Cuff’s ($6—$12)
  • Funky Coin Purse ($5—$10); (Great for holding the extra cash you might slip mamma.)
  • Special Occasion Charm Necklace ($5—$15); (I have a Sequin Star Map Necklace that has my son’s astrological sign—$15.)



  • Wine Wipes ($6); (So you can wipe the wine from your lips or teeth before you pick your kid up from the babysitter.)
  • Custom Chocolates, Cakes, or Donuts ($10—$15); (I love French Broad Chocolates from Asheville, NC, Magpies, and Maker’s Donuts.)
  • Knit Coffee Mug Cozier ($5—$12)
  • Bacon Jam ($6—$8); (Every mamma likes a Savory Biscuit, especially if it involves breakfast in bed.)


Zero Cost:

  • Time alone
  • Check out some of mom’s favorite books or movies from the library
  • Open the door for mom, offer to cook dinner, or surprise mom by arranging a ladies’ night out
  • Give mom a spa night with massage and facial
  • Give mom unsolicited kisses, snuggles, and hugs

If you want to host a Favorite Things Party for ladies you know, search Pinterest. There are tons of how-to ideas.

I would LOVE to know your favorite things! Please add to the comments any no cost or low cost items that make a unique, thoughtful gift.

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