I Love Stepping on Legos

Sheeeew. Having four kids under seven is exhausting! Some days, my greatest desire is simply a few moments of sanity. A few minutes to shower, clean, work on a project, go to the bathroom alone, even run errands without a kid clinging to each arm.

But people keep telling me ‘bigger kids, bigger problems,’ which got me thinking…I would much rather: 

Pick up puzzle pieces strewn across the floor day in and day out than pick up the pieces of their first broken hearts.

Chase them up and down the driveway on bikes and Little Tikes cars than watch them drive off with other newly licensed drivers and teenage distractions.

Play endless imagination games in the yard than have them lose their curiosity and be too cool to do anything.

Fight them to eat their broccoli every night than not be 100% sure whether they are ingesting illegal substances when out with friends.

Step on Legos than have no one around to make a mess. 

Buy all the matchbox cars than let them drive in real cars.

Listen to their biggest concerns about every tiny thing than face the beasts of the much bigger concerns that come along.  

Fix everything with the right character band-aid than do everything in my power to ensure they keep true to the character we spent so long guiding.

They are influenced and pressured by Disney Jr. than other kids at school. 

Repeat myself over and over again than talk to an empty room because they are never around anymore.

Never drink a cup of hot coffee than sit contemplating where the time went over a steaming mug.

Have them hate me for saying no about something than…well, perhaps that one never changes!

Although we can’t avoid these bigger kid problems, here is what I do hope remains the same as they get older:

May we always be the ones they come to for comfort, shelter, love, and advice.

May they always know our door and our arms are always open, no matter what.

May they always be able to find a smile on a day spent with family.

May they always know family is love and that love is unwavering.

May they always have hope, wonder, and joy.

May they be assured that no matter how big the problem, we can always get through it together. They say the days are long, but the years are short.

Here’s to many long days filled with all of the little things we are going to miss.

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