The Little Things: Finding Reasons to be Thankful

The Little Things: Finding Reasons to be Thankful

It’s the holiday season! Time for trips to Grandma’s, big meals, making lists and checking them twice, Black Friday strategizing, fundraisers for school, fundraisers for sports, awards banquets, school dances, prepping for company to stay in our houses for days upon days.

It is exhausting simply thinking of all the things that have to get done over the next couple months.

And, if you’re like me, the anxiety of the holiday season is only magnified by the incessant Christmas music that is ALREADY playing in stores everywhere. It’s too much for me, y’all. I need Thanksgiving to be here before I’m going to be in the mood for Christmas carols. 

So, since I’m one of those people who stresses over stress itself, I have to look for reasons to be thankful at times. I know someone reading this is paddling in my same boat, so let’s look at a few reasons to be thankful during the impending chaos that is the “holiday season:” 

1. I don’t have to worry about losing weight and getting in shape for two months. Yep, for eight weeks I get to eat whatever I want and not worry one bit about it. I look forward to this all year. 

2. I get to see family that I haven’t seen in entirely too long. Life seems to slow down just enough over the next couple months to allow for all that visiting that I always feel like I don’t have time for. 

3. I get to watch the excitement on my daughter’s face when she wakes up on Christmas morning and finds presents under the tree, and I am fortunate enough to be able to provide presents for her. 

4. It gives an opportunity to start over. Every year is a new chance to become a better mother, wife, friend, and employee. 

So, in the midst of the craziness-the seemingly never ending trips, parties, banquets, and shopping, just take time to find a few little things to reel yourself back in and remember how blessed you really are. Our biggest blessings are always found in the little things. 

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