A Letter to Moms this Time of Year

A Letter to Moms This Time of Year
 This amazing time of year is my favorite, but it poses some challenges too. I know I can’t pinpoint every scenario of motherhood, but I wrote about a few! Feel free to add more in comments! Enjoy!

A Letter to Moms This Time of Year

To the mom of littles,

I know you are creating traditions and buying presents and hanging ornaments and creating memories all while tending to the basic needs of your little ones and it’s hard. But you are doing great! These times are sweet, even if they are exhausting.


To the mom who is stretched too thin right now,

There are so many things asked of you this time of year. Your balancing act puts even the best circus acts to shame. I don’t know how you do it, and neither do you! Do what you need to do to help yourself: make lists, get sleep, treat yourself to Starbucks! You can do this!

A Letter to Moms This Time of Year

To the mom who sends Christmas cards each year,

The way you neatly address envelopes each year with updated pictures of your family shows your keen attention to detail. I know your list of recipients is long and the time left to complete this task is short, but your thoughtful gesture will brighten someone’s day. It is a lost art. Well done.


To the sleep deprived mom,

This too shall pass. I know you feel like there isn’t enough concealer in the world to cover those dark circles under your eyes. Grab a second cup of coffee, you deserve a little boost. It will get better, I promise! You can do this! 

To The Sleep Deprived Mom

To the soon-to-be mom,

As the anticipation of your little one grows, may it add magic to this season. You are glowing and you are gorgeous.


To the mom who feels caught in a web of comparison to other moms,

Social media is often just a social highlight reel. Those moms you see face similar insecurities, they just don’t show them. You are more than enough all on your own. There’s only one you, and you are an expert at it. 

Letter to Moms This Time of Year

To the mom whose spouse is away serving our country,

Thank you. You sacrifice so much for our country. You hold down the fort at home which is no easy task. Your longing can be especially hard this time of year. You are amazing.


To the single mom, 

You are also a superhero. You take on every challenge you face as captain of your crew. You are perpetually exhausted by being the sole provider of your home, yet somehow you rise each day and do it all over again. I am in awe of you!

Letter to Moms This Time of Year

To the stepmom,

You role is so important! You matter so much in your family as you build and nurture relationships. You are awesome. I hope that you feel that especially this time of year!


To the mom who braves the grocery store with her children in tow,

Whoa mama. You are basically Wonder Woman. Also, your kids are bothering you WAY more than they are bothering anyone else. Carry on, super hero.


To the women longing to become a mother,

I include you in this letter because you are already a mother at heart. I remember that deep longing well. Let hope fill your heart this year and here’s to good things to come!

Letter to Moms This Time of Year

To the mom who isn’t sure how she will makes ends meet this year,

You are so intentional and loving in your concern. I hope you find comfort in the help of others. I know it’s hard; it will get better. 


To the Christmas cookie baker,

It is such a labor of love to spend your time whipping up homemade cookies. It takes countless hours to make the dough, bake, and decorate, but those little helpers piling on mountains of sprinkles will remember this forever. May your joy far surpass your pile of dishes.

Letter to Moms This Time of Year

To the mom missing a loved one especially this time of year,

I wish I could hug you! You are not alone in your grief and remembrance. I hope you are filled with fond memories and surrounded by people who can listen and support you. I wish this time of year didn’t feel complicated, but since it does, I hope you feel loved especially now.


To the mom who belts Christmas music at the top of her lungs in her car,

You’re basically Mariah Carey. And I do the exact same thing, so basically we are best friends.  

Letter to Moms This Time of Year

To the mother of grown children,

It’s different now, isn’t it? I hope all of your people come home for the holidays and you remember magical Santa-filled times fondly while making new and different memories.


To the grandmother,

Those Santa-filled memories are back! I hope your holiday feels especially fun this year! Enjoy the magic on those grandbabies’ faces!


To the mom who feels like no one notices her efforts,

I do! I know you are so intentional with every detail of Christmas, and it often feels unnoticed. But what you do matters! You are building memories for which they will be grateful forever. You are amazing.

Letter to Moms This Time of Year

To the mom who is perfect and has it all together during the holidays,

You are a myth. You are not real. The end.

To every mom out there,

You’re amazing, you can do this. We are in this together! Merry Christmas ladies, happy holidays! 



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  1. Kitty Menhinick December 5, 2017 at 9:54 pm #

    Lovely, Katelyn! You have beautifully captured a Mother’s heart in your message. Well done. Xoxo

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