Lest We Forget Our ExPECKted Love

I’ve had the conversation many times with many different moms, and while many of these conversations have been great, and at times full of chuckles, some moms were disgusted and could not fathom why kisses to the lips of your child are even a thing. If you haven’t heard the conversation in your own mom circle, some Hollywood stars recently caught heat when kissing their child on the mouth — Hillary Duff is an example.

At the end of the day, I just don’t get it. 

Maybe it’s because I grew up in Europe, but kisses have never been a time to flinch when done in love. In Europe when you greet some one, you are greeted with not only a warm hug, but also with a kiss (or two or three). The way I see it, we are brought into the world with nothing but love, and when we leave, it’s a time for people to give a kiss to say goodbye.

When my son was born, I learned that I would never get enough kisses.

As soon as I lay one on him, I’m ready for the next peck. Part of me needs to give him ongoing smooch sessions so that he FEELS my love, and the other part of me selfishly needs to give him kisses to be reminded of our great love. At the end of the day, there is one thing I know: I need his kisses more than life. They are what keep me going, and while I’ve never liked being hovered over when upset, my son’s kisses always provide the comfort I need.

I am a proud mama whose son loves to give her kisses. No matter he’s only a toddler; come teenage and adult years, I will still be proud to receive his kisses, and I will always remember the many different types of kisses he’s given me: 

  • Doggie kisses, which may or may not resemble the cartoons mimicking the ‘French’ kiss.

  • Fish kisses that aren’t the cute inverted puckered lips, but actually opened-mouth motions like a real fish.

  • Eskimo kisses that look more like head-banging kisses, which almost break your nose.

  • Turd kisses, where I can’t tell you what he almost took a bite of and would not stop until he kissed my lips (I have a comedian on my hands).

  • Phantom kisses, when he leans in slowly and I think I’m about to get the best pucker of all times…instead he laughs and runs away. 

You name it and I have certainly received it. There are times when he tells me no, or grabs my face to plant one on my forehead or cheek, and never do I deny him his right to do so as long as he lets me give a peck in return. A friend and I once talked about the power of kisses; if you have never thought about it this way, trust me when I say you can relate: The same peck on the lips, applied to the forehead, can make a person feel warm and loved on a entirely different level.

My son already knows that when he is in trouble his kisses can manipulate a situation; that his kisses will ease my pain; and that kisses are a daily part of life. And yes, as long as he doesn’t mind, I will never hide my love for him. In a sex-crazed world some people take things to the extreme and feel the need to ban everything just to make sure no one can even think of them in a “bad light,” I am ready to say, “relax and enjoy the kisses.”

This article is not meant to debate why kissing babies is the right thing to do — although I whole-heartedly believe it is — but simply to say, enjoy the kisses because they won’t last forever, and if by some grace they do, just keep smooching them!

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