Knoxville Moms Blog’s Top Ten Posts of 2016!

Wow, can you believe it’s the end of 2016? 2016 has been a big year for Knoxville Moms Blog. We’ve celebrated our third birthday on a yacht, had several family events/playgroups, and many Mom’s Nights Out for all our local moms. We love that you let us be part of your journey of motherhood and friendship!

KMB Top Ten Posts

Now for our Top Posts of 2016:

Changing the Stereotype: Why I Appreciate My Mother-in-LawMother-in-law-2

“I understand that some in-laws are crazy and seemingly impossible to build a relationship with, but I still hate the stereotype. I don’t like how society groups all of these women into a category. I’m sure we can all think of some annoying stereotypes that don’t apply to us: The nagging wife. The lazy husband. The clueless father.”


My Family Looks PerfectMy Family Looks Perfect

“My family looks perfect. Two parents, three kids. They’re all pretty cute, if I may say so myself. We live in an awesome house, in a wonderful area. My husband has a good job, and I stay home with our young kids. On the surface, we look like we have it all. We look like the perfect family, like all of our dreams come true.  

But the truth is, that’s about the opposite of how our family has gotten to this point.”

Sweet & Salty Frito Mix for Game DaySweet & Salty Frito Snack Mix for Game Day | Cheer on your favorite team with a batch of this addictive snack! #gameday #superbowl #snack #fritos #recipe

“With the Super Bowl coming up, I am looking for some tried-and-true snack recipes for game day. I try to make something that I know my kids can eat and they love snack mixes. It was a no-brainer for me to make this Frito Snack Mix. It’s salty and sweet and crunchy and chewy. It has corn chips, cereal, a caramel-esque coating, pretzels, and M&Ms. These are all things my kids LOVE and seeing them happy makes me happy.”

One Heart, Two Babies: A Story of Conjoined TwinsOne Heart Beat, Two Babies

“We had heard the heartbeat a few times, and I kept asking my doctor if he was sure there weren’t twins in there, because I felt all kinds of limbs moving. He answered every time “No twins, no way. One heartbeat, one baby. Except when there is one heart beat and two babies, like in my case.”


My Husband Does More Than I DoMy Husband Does More Than I Do

“There was a time when I did it all.

I had the babies. I fed the babies (all. night. long). I raised the babies. I took the babies to the park. The babies grew to be toddlers. I took the toddlers to the library. The toddlers hated the library. I took the toddlers home. The toddlers grew into kids. The kids got sick. I took the kids to the doctor. I held back the kids’ hair when they were ill. We bought a farm. I fed the animals. I buried the ones that died. I homeschooled the school aged kid. It was hard. The other two kids cried. A lot.”

Gone Baby Gone: A Lesson in “Trying”Gone Baby, Gone

We were pregnant. We couldn’t wait. We told everyone. Nathan lectured me about caffeine. I rolled my eyes and snuck Diet Cokes.

We were pregnant! Until we weren’t.”


A Love Letter to Chick-fil-A

44 Things I Know at 43

The Battle That is Bedtime

We Chose Three: Don’t Judge Me

A few more good reads for your holiday break:

When Old Ladies Have Babies

My Kids Are Growing Up, and I’m Not Sad

I Can Still Hold You When You Are Five

The First of Lasts

I Shave My Face (And It Is Awesome)

Kids at Weddings: The Dos and Don’ts

The Highs and Lows of a Makeup Junkie

The Baby Changes Everything 

They Bought Two Chairs: The Glory of Growing Older

Happy reading! Which posts were your favorite from the past year? 

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