Keeping Fall Break Low-Key

It seems like things have been non-stop since school started this year. School routines are in full swing along with homework, sports, and virtually every after school activity under the sun. Balancing everything as a mom this time of year should be considered a fine art, really. That’s right ladies, you are artisans of a never-ending trade. You rock. Let’s face it; between work and school responsibilities, parental volunteering, packing lunches, helping with homework, chauffeuring to practices, providing dinners (providing, because sometimes mama needs to buy dinner out), bed time routines (Lord help us), rising early to get everyone ready for school, signing 600 permission slips, and signing an equal number of checks, we are exhausted. I am falling asleep even writing that sentence as it is far too much for one human. It’s a lot, ya’ll. 

Brace yourselves. Fall break is coming.

A bunch of families are gearing up for some pretty awesome vacations for fall break. My hat is off to you, friends. The beach sounds awesome. Disney you say? Even better. If you are whisking away somewhere, please enjoy yourselves! Soak up every second of relaxation and family time! Bon voyage! I am going to level with you…

I. Just. Can’t. Even.

There I said it. I can’t. I need to stay home and simplify, so I have decided to keep this fall break low-key. Here’s what I mean: we are going to rest and re-charge here at home. We will take advantage of some local treasures and family time here in good old Knoxville.

I put a list together of ideas on how to keep fall break low-key. Some of them are Knoxville or East TN specific, and they shall be written in orange…because Go Vols

Ideas for a low-key fall break:

  • Have a picnic: at a park or even in your backyard. We are packing a picnic to take to a greenway near my husband’s work during his lunch break one day.
  • Explore your local parks: some of our favorites are Carl Cowan, The Cove, Admiral Park, McFee, and Lakeshore. Rumor has it there is an awesome park in the Karns/Ball Camp area. I also want to explore all of the playgrounds downtown. Oak Ridge also has tons of great ones!
  • Hike! This is a family fave of ours. We love the Smokies and frequent Cade’s Cove, but there are several great hikes closer to home. Concord has TONS of awesome family friendly trails! Interested? Click here.
  • Kayak or canoe. We have kayaks that we put in at various parks and boat ramps. They can also be rented at The Cove at Concord.
  • Explore Ijams Nature Center!
  • Movie night! Get on Netflix or head to a RedBox, pop some popcorn and boom! Awesome family memories.
  • Family Game night
  • Living room camp out! Sleeping bags required, bug spray…not so much
  • Actually camp (my hat is also off to you, friend. Bring that bug spray!)
  • Day trip to Dollywood!
  • Day trip to the Lost Sea Adventure!
  • Pretend spa day: manis, pedis, make-up, hair styling…all at home!
  • Get crafty! In my house, we create a lot! Paint on paper, rocks, or flower pots. We make art with leaves we collect outside. Sometimes, I just give my kiddos a bunch of random art supplies (glue sticks, kid’s scissors, markers, paper, crayons, pipe cleaners, ribbon, old paper towel rolls) and see what they create. That is one of their favorite things!
  • Take a trip to your local library
  • Fancy lunch date: let the kids dress up and feel fancy if they want. Then let them pick out a restaurant and take them on a ‘lunch date.’ Spoiler alert: it will be Chick-fil-A.

All right, ladies. I hope whatever you do on fall break recharges your battery with lots of laughs and good family time! Have fun and be thankful!

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