Integrative Pain Management at Baby+Co.

Baby+Co. is an outpatient maternity center, built in partnership with local hospitals and obstetricians, that educates and empowers women and couples to design the pregnancy journey that is right for them.

As part of its care model, each center has a dedicated team of midwives, educators and health coaches that help guide clients through a series of classes, clinical care, and lifestyle programs from pre-conception planning through postpartum, preparing each mom for their personalized birth experience and overall health and wellness.

As more expectant parents consider natural birth, one of their biggest concerns is pain management. That’s why Baby+Co. created an integrative pain management program to coach and prepare women and their partners for labor.

Not only does the Baby+Co. method help contribute to better outcomes for mom and baby, but it’s highly effective for pain: 96% of moms who give birth in Baby+Co. centers said their pain was properly managed – and none of them had epidurals or opioids.

What is the Baby+Co. method?

Baby+Co. uses a variety of natural practices that help reduce pain and desensitize the body and mind through the power of water, nutrition, touch, mindfulness and breathing and gas:


Hydrotherapy, often known as the “midwife’s epidural” because it is so effective, is provided in each of the Baby+Co. suites with spacious walk-in showers and birthing tubs.


Labor and delivery can be a long and draining process, so moms need energy to help stay strong. Unlike traditional birth facilities, Baby+Co. has a large kitchen and encourages mothers to eat and drink if they’re hungry or thirsty.


Special massage and counter pressure techniques provide pain relief or distraction from discomfort. As an additional method of stimulation through touch, Baby+Co. uses TENS units. These devices use a safe electrical current to produce a tingling or massaging sensation in the nerves, dulling the perception of pain.

Mindfulness and Breathing

Deep breathing, meditation, and other mind-body techniques can help women focus, increase coping, and provide distraction from painful contractions.

As an added boost, aromatherapy is also encouraged by using diffused essential oils. Diffusers are provided in every birth suite and the clinical team can help recommend the most effective scents.


Baby+Co. offers nitrous oxide, one of the most common pain management tools used in European hospitals. This safe, labor-friendly “laughing gas” works in seconds, wears off just as fast, and has no impact on the baby.

What else makes Baby+Co. different?

Moms lead the way.

At Baby+Co., clients are in the driver seat. Baby+Co. educates and empowers women to choose their own path.  The midwives and center teams embrace those choices to help make each birth journey a reality.

All the comforts of home.

Each maternity center is beautifully designed to be a warm, tranquil environment where the entire family is welcome. Baby+Co. encourages moms to include their loved ones in every part of the journey (even other little ones).

Community support.

One of the biggest differences at Baby+Co. is the community of fellow moms and dads that support one another through Baby+Co.’s parent groups, education classes and social activities.

Still not sold?

Here are three more reasons to consider Baby+Co.:

  1. The Baby+Co. experience costs up to 50% less than a typical hospital birth and they accept most major insurance.
  2. They are the ONLY facility in Knoxville where moms can have a water birth!
  3. Every family that takes a complimentary tour also receives a pass for a free wellness class.

To find out more information or register for a center tour, call Baby+Co. at 865-264-2080.


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