Holiday Gifts for Teachers


We LOVE teachers! We’re crazy about them. If you are a teacher, thank you, thank you for loving our children! You have our hearts and our greatest appreciation and respect.

Around this time of year, we want to show teachers just how grateful we are for them. If you’ve ever wondered what to get your child’s teacher, read on to see what teachers told us and our gift ideas for them!

We’ve done the research because we want to know what teachers really want! While most teachers would say {and did say} that they don’t need anything, they {like the rest of us}, would still prefer to get something they actually like and will use if they are going to be given a gift. We had our hunches for what teachers like, but to be sure, we asked around. We asked teachers in our lives what they like, asked other parents what gifts have been successful in the past for their kids’ teachers, and then we put out our basic survey for teachers to answer. Now we want to pass on what we’ve learned to you our dear readers. 

Go with the gift card. 

Apparently teachers love gift cards. It makes complete sense, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t love a gift card? When it comes to choosing a gift card, take some things into account…  

If you don’t know them well enough to know where they want a gift card to, then get them a cash card — Visa, American Express, etc. No one wants a gift card to a place they don’t frequent. 

Another good option is that many schools now have their teachers fill out an information sheet for this very purpose. Check to see if your child’s school has this. Then you will know exactly what their teacher wants and where to get the gift card.

Survey Results 

  • Over 91% of surveyed teachers said they would want a gift card.  
  • 31% of teachers said a coffee mug was the worst gift they had ever received.
  • The other large majority (29%) reported the following worst gifts: plant, homemade food, a glass unicorn for a male teacher, eye shadow from a student’s makeup bag, something contradicting teacher’s beliefs, a used pillow, and a stuffed bird.
  • Teachers reported the best gifts ever as: cash, gift card, items for the classroom, a gift card wreath, an ornament with cash inside, massage, hand written cards.
  • What teachers don’t want: candles, mugs, and homemade food.

Overwhelmingly what teachers want is a nice note or card from their students/parents. You can include a gift card with it or a very thoughtful gift that they would like. But many teachers voiced to us that you don’t have to spend any money on them. Just a nice note is enough. 

The bottom line is that teachers work really hard for our precious little ones. I know they aren’t expecting gifts. I know that’s not why they do the job they do. I know my gift won’t buy my kiddo any favor (except fingers crossed it will for my wild middle child {cough, cough}). Whether we give our teachers a very generous gift, a small token of thanks, a thoughtful note, or a verbal thank you — it’s not the size of the gift that matters, but the place from which it comes. Take some time this year to thank the teachers in your life.

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