Holiday Gift Guide {for Everyone} 2015


The holiday season is upon us bringing excitement! It’s almost time to gather with family and friends and share what we are thankful for. And as soon as that is done, it is a free-for-all for Christmas. The trees go up, the lights get hung, and the presents get bought. Here’s our list of favorite gifts for everyone this holiday season to help you find that great present for everyone on your list. Whether you’ve already started shopping or you wait until the turkey is put away, we hope this holiday gift guide helps you shop for the ones you love!

KMB Gift Guide For Her

KMB Gift Guide Her

1. Alex + Ani Bangles. Find a bangle for every special person, occasion, or thing in her life. I wear these bangles every day with each of my children’s initials on a bracelet. These are great for stacking, and you can say a lot with each one making it a meaningful gift.

2. Channel Throw. Who doesn’t love cuddling up on the couch or laying down in bed with the most dreamy throw ever? This is a throw that will make your heart and your senses happy.

3. Hobo Wallet. This classy wallet will last for years to come. It’s superbly organized and makes pulling out your wallet fun.

4. Hunter Boots. Great for year-round wear, these boots will last for a very long time! Rumor has it that Costco has had these on major sale lately, making them a great price!

5. Candle. This is one of the best smelling candles out there. It’s delightful and so refreshing!

KMB Gift Guide For Him

KMB Gift Guide Men

1. Travel Bag. For the man who travels often, or even for the man who only leaves town a couple of times a year, you cannot go wrong with a new travel bag. Something just for him and his manly hygiene items. No female products or baby shampoo allowed here.

2. Yeti Tumbler. I dare you to go find a man right now who doesn’t like his Yeti. It’s fantastic. Hot, cold, it’s all good. Coffee in the morning, a cold drink later in the day. It works so well! You cannot go wrong.  

3. The Art of Shaving Kit. Every man shaves, so gift him with this luxurious shaving kit to give him the best shave yet. It comes in several scents, as well as unscented, so there is something perfect for every man.

4. Sunglasses. A great, classic-looking pair of shades for the man on your list is a winning option. This pair doesn’t go out of style and will keep him happy all winter and summer long.

5. Wallet. How many times have you seen a man pull out his wallet and it is in rough shape? This is one of those items men don’t tend to buy for themselves. A nice one makes a great gift!

KMB Gift Guide For BabyKMB Gift Guide Baby

1.  Sophie. This giraffe serves many purposes — toy, teether, comfort object. Sophie is a favorite of both babies and parents. She’s easy to grab onto, safe to chew on, and makes a squeaky noise that babies love and parents don’t mind. This is one of the best baby items out there.

2. Swaddles. These are the hands down best swaddle blankets! The classic swaddle and the silky swaddle are both delightful. These swaddles are light, breathable, and soft — making them delightful to both baby and parents.

3. Wubbanub. For the pacifier-taking baby, this is a great option. The Wubbanub is a paci attached to a little stuffed animal. It provides more comfort for baby, is easy to find, and helps to keep the pacifier cleaner as hands can grab the animal rather than the pacifier piece.

4. Cloud B Sleep Sheep. This sleep sheep is a comfortable, portable option for a sound machine. Help baby sleep well and stay asleep through any noise with a sound machine that can go with you.

5. Baby Book. Every baby needs their own book, and every parent needs an easy place to jot down those special moments. This newly-released baby book is beautiful and easy to fill out. Makes a great gift!

KMB Gift Guide For Toddler

KMB Gift Guide Toddlers

1. Radio Flyer the Ultimate Comfort Wagon. For getting around town, or the neighborhood, park, or beach, this Ultimate Comfort Wagon is the most comfortable way for a toddler to ride in style with some independence. This classic red wagon is functional, fun, and comfortable. A good gift that will last for several years to come. Do they make this in adult sizes?

2. Tobbles Neo. This different take on stacking blocks allows for stacking, rolling, tilting, and spinning. It’s a good activity for sensory exploration and fine motor skill development. This product has great reviews from parents.

3. Mega Bloks Scooping Wagon. Mega Bloks are a classic gift for young children as they learn to build and take apart. The scooping wagon allows kids to pick up blocks as they go, making it fun to push, pull, and dump out the blocks.

4. Imaginarium Wooden Ramp Racer. This wooden car ramp will be fun for your child for years! It comes with four cars that are so fun to watch as they run down the ramp. This simple toy is fun for girls or boys.

5. Fisher Price Classic Toy – Record Player. This toy record player plays fun songs for kids while allowing them to control the tunes. It’s a fun classic toy where kids will enjoy changing out records and singing along to their favorite kid’s tunes.

KMB Gift Guide For Kids Ages 3 - 5KMB Gift Guide Kids 3-5

1. Plasma Car. This is a fun inside or outside toy. It provides great exercise and coordination of motor skills. Lots of fun for kids and adults alike with a weight limit of 220 pounds!

2. Plui. This fun bath toy lets kids have fun with water while learning how it works. This bath toy will actually provide entertainment for a while!

3. Gears Gears Gears. Supports STEM, provides hours of fun and creative play. This is a very popular toy and best seller on Amazon. Age recommendations are 36 months-9 years, so you could start earlier than 5 if you have a little thinker of your hands.

4. Horse Hopper. This bouncy toy is fun for kids to sit on and bounce around the house. It is a great way to get a little energy out during the cold, stuck inside months. Lots of fun for kids!

5. Bilibo. This toy allows for all kinds of play however your little one sees fit. It’s designed for open-ended play, can be used inside or outside, and is nearly indestructible.

KMG Gift Guide For Kids Ages 5 - 7

KMB Gift Guide Kids 5-7

1. Crazy Forts. Boys and girls can both enjoy building elaborate forts with this fort kit. You can buy multiple kits to make even more impressive forts.

2. Money Savvy Piggy Bank. This take on a piggy bank helps kids learn how to wisely handle money. There are built-in categories for save, spend, donate, and invest.

3. Kinetic Sand. Fun, creative play for kids ages 3 and up. Recommended age is 6-11. Kinetic sand sticks to itself, so it’s very little mess and is easy to clean up. This is a great inside activity.

4. Junior Talking Microscope. Little scientists can make discoveries as they learn facts and have fun.

5. Ultra Stomp Rocket. No batteries, no power source required other than your kid’s foot. This stomp rocket is fun for all kids! It’s great for them to launch it different ways based on their own creativity and to expend some energy while running after the rockets.

KMB Gift Guide For Kids Ages 8 - 11KMB Gift Guide Kids 8-11

1. Room Defender. Kids can keep their information and personal belongings safe from intruders with the Room Defender. They can record messages and create their own welcome greeting when they enter their room.

2. Toms. With a variety of styles, you are sure to find a pair for the boy or girl on your list.

3. Nightball Football. LED lights illuminate when the ball is thrown. Fun for play in the yard at night.

4. Snap Circuits. Includes over 300 pieces that can be used to build many projects including a doorbell, radio, and burglar alarm. 

5. Spa Soaps. The spa lab lets kids create a variety of soaps. Fun girl gift!

KMB Gift Guide For Teenagers

KMB Gift Guide Teens

1. Dartboard and Game Console. This is a great gift for your teen’s room. They can shoot hoops, play darts, and keep score with their friends. Really fun gift!

2. Wireless Speaker. Play music anywhere. Works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Comes in a variety of colors, so you can find one that fits your teen’s personality.

3. Faux Fur Booties. What girl (little or adult) doesn’t like walking around this house in some cozy booties? These are comfortable, cute, and fun!

4. Guitar Pick Punch. Make your own guitar picks out of nearly anything you want. Makes a cool gift.

5. DIY Smartphone Projector. This retro projector displays images and videos from your phone onto the wall. Really fun for teens to play around with!

6. Gift Card. The ever-popular, can’t-go-wrong gift card. Can’t decide what to get your teen? Give them a gift card and let them get what they want! Gift cards are a great choice and make for a happy teen. Some of our favorite gift cards for teens include Amazon, Target, Visa gift card, Chick-fil-A, or their favorite place or restaurant.

Happy gift giving!

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