The Highs and Lows of a Makeup Junkie


Yes, the secret is out…I have a problem. A serious problem. I am a MAKEUP JUNKIE!! I probably need to go to “Makeup Junkies Anonymous.” Anyone who knows me, knows I am a makeup addict. I guess that’s what happens when you have been a Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist for almost 12 years.

I have tried and tested hundreds of products over the years, but today I am sharing my “must haves.” The items I absolutely drool over. Some cheapies and some splurges, but ALL are totally worth it and make me happy…SUPER happy! Are ya ready?? Here we go!


1. Makeup Geek, $6

Let’s talk about this shadow pallet…These are all Makeup Geek shadows. Folks, let me tell you. If you don’t know about these, ya better ask somebody! Some of the BEST shadows around, by far. They are only $6 each and they blend like a dream and last all day long. Better than any MAC shadow, and I worked for MAC for years. This says a lot about how amazing these work!

2. Stila “Stay All Day” Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, $22

My go-to eyeliner for that budge-proof, smudge-proof cat eye. Makes that line so sharp, you could cut someone. It’s a splurge, but SOOO worth it. I would literally die without this liner!

3. Maybelline Color 24 Hr. Tattoo Metal, $6.99

These are a creamy texture and work as a primer. I use these under my eyeshadow and it stays on all day.

4. Loreal 24 Hr. Infalliable Eye Shadow, $6.99

I have a ton of these in different colors, because they rock. These are a powder, but feel creamy to the touch and glide on with amazing pigment and staying power.

5. Wunderbrow, $22

This is my new coveted makeup item!! Wunder2 is the best eyebrow gel I have ever used. I actually saw it on one of those cheesy Facebook ads. Don’t judge. But I watched the videos and read all the amazing reviews and just had to try. It’s lasting power beats A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G out there, in my opinion. It’s a must-have if your face sweats like a flowing body of water in any semi-warm climate, like mine does.

6. Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner, $7.99

Works just as good as the more expensive brands. I use this on all of my brides and their bridal party.


7.  Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour and Shade & Light Eye, $46 each

As you can tell, I use these a lot. The pigment is on point and they last. A little goes a long way and worth the price.

8. Makeup Forever Step 1 Matifying Primer, $17

This does exactly what it says it does.


9. Makeup Forever High Definition Foundation, $43

Great coverage and buildable. A little goes a long way with this one.

10. MAC Prolongwear Concealer, $21

This is the best of the best, especially if you have oily skin, like I do. It has the best coverage and literally half a drop is all you need.

11. Ben Nye Matte HD Foundation, $12

One of my favorite foundations! Flawless coverage and only $12! Makeup Artist, Ben Nye, actually worked on Marilyn Monroe for a variety of films. Most of his line is theatrical, but not all. I also love his infamous “banana powder.” You can find Ben Nye products at Camera Ready Cosmetics.

12. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle, $32

This gives the perfect glow to any makeup look. Love, love, love this product!

13. Bare Minerals Touch Up Veil, $23

Takes the shine off any grease slick!


14. Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express, $5.99

The holy grail of drugstore brand mascaras! Yaaaaas!!! I cant get enough of this stuff!

15.  Loreal Voluminous, $8.99

This, and the Loreal Power Volume 24 Hr w/collagen (black and white tube) are some of my other mascara faves. In my opinion, why spend top dollar on a mascara that doesn’t even come close to these drug store steals?

16. MAC Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved, $17

I’ve tried them all. Every so-called “stay put” eyeliner, and they all end up down to my knees after a few hours with these oily lids, except this oldie but goodie. Stays put in the waterline. Can I get an AMEN!

17. Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick, $9.99

A beautiful, satin formula that is ultra moisturizing in “Fairest Nude.” This is the perfect nude with no shimmer. Has a hint of pink and I’m in love with it.

18. Loreal Infalliable Le Rouge Lipstick, $9.99

C’mon Loreal…you’re making me look like your spokesperson. But really, these lipsticks have been my favorite drug store brand for a few years now because of their staying power. They aren’t like most long wear lipsticks that make you feel like you have dry chalk on your lips. These are moisturizing, yet stay on for hours. My two faves are “Bold Bordeaux,” a beautiful deep reddish color, and my new fave “Unending Kiss.” I bought three of this specific color; that’s how much I love and wear it. It’s a very pretty nudish-pinkish color. Goes PERFECTLY with the “Fairest Nude” I mentioned in #17.

19. Sephora Brand Gloss in Baby Doll, $15

I literally put this gloss over everything (except for reds). It’s a nice thick formula with a non-tacky feel.

20. Ben Nye Final Seal, $12

This product is not pictured, but it is one of the items I can’t run out of. It does exactly what it says. It’s a spray that goes over your entire face and “seals” it in. I use it everyday and also on all of my clients. It’s actually what the Disney Princesses use to seal their makeup in those terribly humid climates they work in. It also smells like mint, which is an extra added bonus.

Okay gals, there you have it: 20 of my “Makeup Must-Haves” in high and low price ranges, and everything in between. I hope I gave you some inspiration to try out some different products. Did I name any of your favorites? Which ones are you going to run out and try? I would love to hear your faves! Happy shopping!

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6 Responses to The Highs and Lows of a Makeup Junkie

  1. Jaclyn Levy August 10, 2016 at 8:16 am #

    THANK YOU!!!!! I’m going to take this list shopping with me. Can’t wait to try the mascara you recommended. My next goal is upping my foundation game without breaking the bank.

    My FAVORITE liquid liner is NYX’s Two Timer liner which is less than $10. It stays put all day. In fact, it can last longer than that! This summer I used it to “tattoo” a skull on my 3yo’s upper arm. It stayed for 3 bathless days!!! Although it faded a bit it didn’t smudge at all. I was in awe! NYX is my go-to brand since it is so cheap, has tons of color options, and the product is generally good. Of course I don’t have experience with the high end stuff so maybe I’m missing out!

    Great post, so nice to see something that isn’t strictly “mommy” related!

    • Marisa
      Marisa August 10, 2016 at 9:49 am #

      Hi Jaclyn! I am so happy you enjoyed this post and that you are excited to try out some new things:) I can’t wait to hear how you like the mascara…it’s seriously the bomb, and the brush is the perfect size to get every single lash. Now, I’m going to have to try the NYX liner!! That stuff sounds amazing!! So, looks like we both are excited to try so.excited new products:) Let me know what you try and if you love them as much as I do. Happy shopping!

    • Angela Bontrager August 15, 2016 at 5:45 pm #

      Where can the NYX liner be purchased?

  2. Lindsay August 10, 2016 at 10:31 am #

    Girl you just made my makeup wish list an extra mile long. LOVE this!!!!

  3. Lindsay December 23, 2016 at 9:13 am #

    So many of these are in my ride or die list too!

    • Marisa
      Marisa December 23, 2016 at 9:44 am #

      That’s the best way to put it!! True ride or die makeup! I live for these products:)

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