Guide to Knoxville Homeschool Cooperatives and Activities

For many reasons, homeschooling is becoming an increasingly popular option. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but it can be for anyone. If it is something you are considering, but issues holding you back are the stigma of “socialization,” uncertainty in your abilities, or truly anything, just know that you don’t have to go it alone. (Also, be sure to read Lindsay’s Mythbusters: Homeschool Edition.

We are very fortunate to have an abundance of co-op and extra-curricular opportunities right in our backyard!

As with everything, it’s important to do your research to decide which option is the best fit for you and your family. The co-ops listed below range from extremely casual to very structured. Some meet once a week, others up to three times per week. Some provide the curriculum and syllabi, while others meet for a purely social nature. You can find as much or as little support as you desire, but one thing is for certain, your family will not lack opportunities!  

Guide to Knoxville Homeschool ResourcesCo-ops:

Adventure Homeschoolers of East Tennessee

Adventure Homeschoolers of East Tennessee meets twice a month (one Tuesday, one Thursday) from 10am-3pm. They also take several fun field trips. 

Bezalel Fine Arts Co-op–Grades K-12

Bezalel is an arts focused co-op in Louisville, TN. Classes include various dance styles, pageantry, musical instruments, art, theater, film and world languages.

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations focuses on Christianity, community, and classical education. There are several Classical Conversations Co-ops in the area that meet on different days and times.

Crossroads Christian Academy

Crossroads Christian Academy meets three days a week, with lesson plans to complete at home two days a week. It is located in Lenoir City, PreK-12th grade.

Discovery Co-op

Discovery Co-op offers classes for students in grades k-8. They meet on Wednesdays from 9:30-2 at First Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

EDGE Co-op

Edge is a Christian homeschool cooperative that meets on Tuesdays at Seymour Heights Christian Church.

Freedom Home Educators Co-op

Freedom Home Educators meets on Mondays from 8:30am-3pm at the Farragut Church of Christ. Classes are offered for preschool-12th grade.

Friday U

Friday U at Oak Grove offers a variety of enrichment courses on Friday afternoons.

Funtastic Fridays

Funtastic Fridays offers enrichment courses for ages preK-12th on Fridays from 9am-3pm at Broadway Baptist Church.

Master’s Mondays Homeschool Co-op 

Master’s Monday offers classes for middle and high school students on Mondays at West Park Baptist Church.

Oak Grove Cooperative

Students in grades TK-8 attend Oak Grove co-op every other day (M/W or T/R) with the option of Friday mornings and Friday U afternoon enrichment. All students follow a syllabus at school and at home with flexibility for further enrichment.

Paideia Academy

In addition to offering an umbrella program, Paideia Academy offers students in grades k-3 a “university schedule” option in which they attend school three days per week and complete work at home on the other days.

Quest Academy

Quest Academy strives to offer “the best from traditional public school educational experience and combine it with the advantages of home educating.” They meet on Tuesdays in Lenoir City.

River’s Edge Christian Academy

At River’s Edge Christian Academy, students receive classroom instruction three days a week, and home education two days a week. There are three Knoxville area locations.

Thursday Connection

Thursday Connection offers academic and enrichment electives from 8:30-4:30pm on Thursdays at First Cumberland Presbyterian Church for k-12 grades.

Trinity Christian Academy 

Trinity Christian academy offers classes for Preschool-12th grade on Mondays in North Knoxville.

Truth Trekkers

Truth Trekkers offers a variety of academic and enrichment electives. They meet on Mondays from 9am-4pm in Fountain City.

Extracurricular Activities:

Ambassadors Athletics

Knoxville Ambassadors offers competitive team sports for middle and high school homeschool students.

American Museum of Science & Energy Homeschool Classes

AMSE offers innovative enrichment courses on Fridays throughout the school year. You can sign up for individual classes.

Bricks 4 Kidz Lego Classes

Bricks 4 Kidz offers a variety of STEAM homeschool classes throughout the week for grades k-8.

Eun’s Martial Arts

Eurn’s Martial Arts offers homeschool classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

GymTek Academy Gymnastics 

GymTek Academy offers homeschool gymnastics on Mondays-Thursdays at noon, 1pm and 2pm each day.

Ice Chalet

The Ice Chalet offers homeschool ice-skating on Thursdays.

McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture Homeschool Classes

The McClung Museum offers unique courses covering a different topic each month on Mondays throughout the school year. See their website for up-to-date scheduling options. 

The Muse Knoxville Homeschool Classes

The Muse Knoxville offers homeschool classes on Tuesday afternoons. You can register for the entire semester or choose a la carte on their website.

Premier Athletics Gymnastics Homeschool Classes

Premier Athletics offers homeschool gymnastics classes on Wednesdays at 11:45am.

Ijams Homeschool Nature Ed-ventures

Ijams homeschool classes meet once a month on Fridays throughout the school year. You can choose mornings or afternoons.

Onsight Rock Gym

Onsight Rock Gym offers homeschoolers a climbing academy on Wednesdays, a climbing club on Tuesdays, and discounted climb days every other Thursday for ages six and up.

YMCA Homeschool Gym and Swim

The YMCAs of Knoxville offer two-hour swim and gym classes for students ages 5-12. Visit the website to find the best location and schedule for you.

Zoo Knoxville Homeschool Classes

Zoo Knoxville offers weekly (Tuesday/Wednesday) and monthly (Thursday) homeschool classes for students in k-8th grade. Check it out!

Please be sure to share any other homeschool co-op or extra-curricular activities below so we can add them to the list!

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