Got to Get Up to Get Down

Once upon a time, a man and woman in their early 20s met. They shared a love of reading, travel, and more. They also shared a love of hitting the dance floor – and getting to dance together was awesome. They dated and fell in love, and throughout, they were always dancing at weddings, nights out with friends and concerts. It culminated in a wedding celebration that included a club DJ, glow sticks and a whole lot of techno music.

As the years wore on, the realities of marriage, work, kids and finances set in, but they still laughed together and loved each other. They explored new places, enjoying the food, drinks and sites.

But instead of dancing, they sat.

They sat in movie theaters, restaurants, plays, and festivals. But strangest of all, they sat when they heard music. They were still known to hit the dance floor at weddings, but it was always holding the hands of their children.

And one day, in the not too distant past, they sat in a Honky Tonk in Nashville. An amazing band was playing and as they listened, they tapped their toes. And continued to sit. Until finally, the wife shouted over the crowd, “We should be dancing!” And the husband looked at her like she had two heads, because she was always the one shaking her head “no” to dancing. She felt self-conscious on the dance floor. Her moves were old, her body was different, and the comfort of the dance floor wasn’t there anymore. 

At said Honky Tonk.

The husband took her up on the offer immediately. They grabbed liquid courage at the bar and stepped onto the floor. It took a minute, but the music flooded them and they started to dance. They two-stepped, they slow danced, and they hopped around like fools. And when the band stopped playing and the bar shut down, it was HOURS past when they normally would have called it a night.

And they remembered it was more fun to be on the floor dancing than watching.

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