Girls’ Trip: Before and After Kids

I am on the cusp of a girls’ trip for the first time in YEARS. At least seven years, to be exact. I have taken trips with a friend that included our girls, but this one will be just like old times.

Wait, no it won’t…

Brooke ponders the difference between girls' trips in her twenties with no kids, and trips in her thirties with a little one waiting at home!

Let me try to conjure up the memories of what it was like to take a girls’ trip BEFORE motherhood:

  • Picking a city with a ton of people

  • Reasonably cheap hotel, because we wouldn’t be in it much anyway

  • Mani, pedi, eyebrow wax, color appointment at least a week in advance of the trip

  • Hours spent picking outfits and the perfect bikini

  • Liquor

  • All the spending money I wanted since I had no one else to worry about

Flash forward seven years and let’s examine what is going through my head for the upcoming trip:

  • Picking a city with a nice atmosphere and laid back vibe

  • A WELL-planned hotel with a fabulous bed to sleep in, restaurant on site, and breakfast in the morning, preferably with a nice view of downtown

  • Mani, pedi, wax, color appointment…YEAH RIGHT. I’ll pick up some OPI polish and a box of color if I have to — I just want to get out of town

  • The perfect outfits and bikini…NOPE. Whatever fits and feels the most comfortable makes the cut this time. I’ll throw in a pair of stilettos for good measure, but they may never make it out of my suitcase

  • Spending money for myself — that is also a problem, considering dance is about to start back up, and new clothes for school are drawing near, but I can probably squeak out a little for myself

  • Wine, because the hard stuff is too hard on me now. And Ibuprofen, because I can barely look at alcohol without getting a headache anymore

But, come hell or high water, I am going on a girls’ trip, while also sending my sweet daughter on her first vacation without me.

So, the most important thing I’ll be taking with me on this trip is my phone. The phone will be my way of texting, calling, and using FaceTime to stay in touch with my girl while she is at the beach. I’ll go away for a night and I’ll check my phone a hundred times.

Girls’ trips aren’t the same as they used to be, that’s for sure. But I am beginning to realize how important they are from time to time. I need the me time. The time to regroup. Breathe. Just be a woman in her 30s. I am finally taking the time to relax and unwind, while I have the chance, and it feels good. I could feel guilty, but there’s nothing to feel guilty about. Moms need time to be silly with their girlfriends now just as much as we did in our 20s, or before we became Mommy. It’s just about taking care of ourselves now rather than partying.

I am so looking forward to this girls’ trip, and as much fun as those trips in my 20s were, I wouldn’t trade them for this one, because I get to come home to my daughter, and to the life that I love as a Mom.

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