How to Get Easily Offended

With all the holiday cheer going around right now, I thought it’d be the perfect time to dust off your resentfulness towards others. It’s unrealistic to believe that EVERYONE is happy, cheery, giving and selfless this time of year. I know that’s not possible, and of course it’s my job to let everyone know that because I am entitled to my opinion (which is the right opinion). The world needs more sensitive minds to let others know exactly how they are feeling, even if that means displaying annoyance and letting people know they are wrong.

People who get easily offended are doing everyone a favor by letting them know of the right and wrong way to act towards others. So if you haven’t been getting offended lately, here are some tips you can use to help your disgruntled game:

#1. Be More Selfish.

Everyone knows life is hard, but what everyone doesn’t know is that YOUR life is the hardest. Your life is also the most important. But they should know that and you need to make sure everyone does. You deserve that parking spot. You deserve that last piece of pie. Oh and you definitely deserve that gift that you can’t really afford but you get anyways…because you need it…and deserve it. A perfect example of this is from a story I read, where a woman made a huge scene at a retail store when she skipped the line to check out and was then told she needed to wait in line. Why no one understands this blows my mind. This is the perfect opportunity to practice! Express that disgust at their utter close-mindedness.

#2. Take Everything Personally.

This one ties with #1. As you become more selfish, it’s only natural to become more focused on yourself — and everyone else should focus on you too! Every action and response by others around you is about you. Don’t even try to understand the context or hear the whole story. Definitely assume it’s all about you because it is. That person looking at you in a way you don’t like — she’s criticizing you and you should write them off immediately. Let those in your community know about how rude said person is, so the whole world knows what they did to you. That person online who wrote an article to his followers, was really writing to you — they are just that rude. Make sure you express the way it made you feel — tell them their opinion is wrong! How dare they write such things! Immediately unfollow their page. You don’t need that type of open-minded, different perspective in your life, weighing you down.  

#3. Hold onto Grudges.

People will try to mend their relationship with you. Some people are just that way. They want to forgive, build bridges and move forward. But with that comes a loss of anger. That anger fuels our need to get offended. We need to hold onto those ill feelings. We need to not let go of the things people have done or said about us or to us. Do not let it go of anything. Be like Rose in Titanic: “I’ll never let go.” Yes, it’s that important. Otherwise, there will be no motivation to get offended.  

If you’ve forgotten how to get offended, remember this:

If you ever get to a point where you are getting along with others, see that as a red flag. You’ve let something slip. You haven’t replayed mishaps over and over again in your mind. You’ve forgotten what happened weeks ago. You need to focus on the past. Remember any and all things people have done to you, because everything they have done has been an affront to you. And when you remember, just hold onto it. Then practice these tips and you’ll be set.

Good luck!


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