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Reality: When you have children, the items in your house multiply tremendously. You will find yourself slipping and tripping, and everything takes only but a second to get lost. This is no lie. 

From toys to necessities, the piles continue to grow and no matter how big your house, by the time you have a child, every part of your house stores something, no matter if you use that something or not. And as your little bundle of joy grows, the type of things change, but the amount of stuff you accumulate is still shocking.

But don’t worry my friends — there is hope.

The silver lining is in…wait for it…SIMPLICITY. You may know this as minimalism or organization. If you’re like me, you grow attached to the home you create and the pieces within which remind you that you’re a mother who nurtures tiny human beings (no matter how big they are). Even if those pieces are stuffed teddy bears and mismatched cups — they allow you to reminisce when you find a moment of silence. And parting ways with them can be difficult — that’s normal — but also necessary when it’s time. Heck, at times you just don’t even have time to do it. I get it. 

Regardless, I urge you to take this step. From throwing out mismatched sippy cups, the additional teddy bear, clothes that haven’t been worn in years, blow-up pools that don’t work…JUST get rid of it. 

BUT…don’t get rid of those precious memories. The tiny hands printed on many Mother’s Day cards to show you how much they love you, the painted strokes of love and the cotton-balled crafts. Keep them…virtually. But I get it; touching artwork may be what you need to reminisce when looking at your children’s artwork.

Technology has its cons, but discovering the ARTKIVE app has made the good outweigh the bad. ARTKIVE allows you to store pictures for free and for a monthly fee of $3 you can purchase items and send art to people in your “circle” (that’s a latte…pun not intended). It also allows you to capture, organize, and celebrate your children’s creativity without having to hold on to a bunch of clutter.

We all know that Pinterest shows different ways to preserve your child’s artwork: Displaying it in frames, converting it into pictures for materials, and creating never-ending boxes to keep the artwork organized. None of these are bad, but there comes a time when you look around and won’t know how to condense all these sentimental pieces. By using ARTKIVE you can always reminisce without taking up any space, other than your Dropbox storage.

Here are some great perks to using this app:

  • Every time you snap a picture, you can save it with a title, time and place in which the artwork was created. If you have multiple children whose art you’re photographing, you can save and search by child’s name. 
  • If you need artwork for special occasions, you can print high quality books.
  • If you do not have time to archive your boxes of artwork, you can send your pieces into ARTKIVE and they will archive them for you.
  • You have online access to all materials you download to the app.

How do you keep your child’s artwork organized? Do you use ARTKIVE or a similar app? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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