Find Your Unwind: The Many Ways We Do Self-Care

find your unwind

I’m not usually one for clickbait, but there is one subject that gets me every time. 


Despite my morning pep-talk, I am not actually Wonder Woman…unless WW also felt like she needed a nap most of the day and lived on coffee. I love seeing the ways other moms get their me time in. I love the thought of new ideas to possibly sneak into my day; we homeschool, we run around for activities and obligations and errands just like everyone, so it’s definitely a quality-over-quantity matter.

The thing about clickbait, though, is that it almost always fails you. I’m left reading the same of short list of “BRAND NEW IDEAS” over and over, thinking, there has to be more!

And then I realized I was going to the wrong source. Goodbye clickbait, hello real life moms. I mean, I KNOW them!! All I had to do was ask, and the answers came pouring in. It turns out self-care is pretty broadly defined, and I love that, because recharging couldn’t possibly look the same for all of us.

I also have to add a quote from my friend Stefanie, who touched so beautifully on the duality of time to yourself:

Sometimes, self-care looks glamorous: sunset on a Hawaiian shore. (Editor’s note: yes, Hawaiian. She lives in Hawaii AT me. Rude.) Nothing but the sounds of the waves lapping the sand. I have my journal, and the sure sounds of the water allow me to free myself of stress and put pen to paper to clear my head. Sometimes, though, it looks more like this: I give my husband that look. You know what I’m talking about. I have remnants of someone’s lunch on my yoga pants–love how those littles love their sticky hands on me. I give him the look of desperation, of please-take-these-people-away-for-30-minutes-so-I-can-regain-some-sanity. Today, I shopped alone, venti black iced tea in hand. Some days, it’s a bubble bath and my kindle. Still others, I choose to go for a walk, or blast some good music and sing, or take a yoga class. Regardless of what I choose to recharge, we have an unspoken agreement that I’m a better wife, mama, and person if I take those few minutes every now and again to find myself again.

These are hectic times we live in, so fitting yourself in may take some effort, but it is so necessary. Remember, mama, that you not only deserve to recharge, but it also helps you give your family your best. Whether you see something you’d like to try here or you’re just inspired, I hope this picture series encourages you to seek out your own version(s) of finding yourself!

find your unwind

find your unwind

Okay friends, your turn! Post your unwind time with the hashtag #kmbselfcare and show off your slow roll! 

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