Embrace the Season

It is fall! The weather is slowly changing. The leaves are falling. The mornings and evenings are getting cooler. The days are getting shorter.

Fall is upon us!

Honestly, every year around this time, I find myself dreading the arrival of fall and winter, and longing for the passing summer. I know some of you love the fall and winter seasons, but not this girl! I don’t like the cold weather. I don’t like bundling up in sweaters, boots, and coats. I prefer my shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops. I don’t enjoy the sights of fall; leaves piled everywhere and bare tree limbs. I prefer the sights of blooming flowers and trees full of fruit.

This year however, I have decided to intentionally shift my thinking about the changing of seasons.

Instead of looking back wishfully to summer and dreadfully awaiting fall and winter, why not just embrace the season? Why not embrace fall and winter? After summer, fall and winter are certain to come. No matter how much I dread these seasons, I have no power or authority to stop them.

So, instead I will embrace the change of weather!

Of course there is plenty about fall and winter that I enjoy. There is nothing like a warm bowl of chili on a cold winter night. I love snuggling with my babies and watching college football. Pumpkin patches and pumpkin bread are my favorite. Not to mention, that special day where children can dress up as whomever or whatever and get candy.

In the winter there is the chance of snow. Just the anticipation of snow in East Tennessee is pure pandemonium. Nothing compares to my children’s faces, waking up to the cancellation of school and maybe a few inches of snow! Maybe I do like winter…a little.

The fall and winter are also filled with special holidays. In this season, family is valued. Thanksgiving and gratitude are visited and instilled in our children. In this season, generosity is often celebrated and we are reminded of the importance of caring for others. There is something special about this time of year.

I definitely should learn to embrace all seasons.

As I reflect on my need to embrace all four seasons, I realize our life is full of various seasons. There are seasons when we are so busy attending to the needs of others that we have very little time for ourselves, yet there will come seasons when we will have plenty of down time. There are seasons when our children are dependent upon us for almost everything, yet there will be seasons when our children are growing into their own independence.

As mothers we often look forward to the lists of milestones our baby will meet, only to look backwards longingly as we drop them off for their first day of kindergarten. We often look forward to the season in our life when we can cook and clean without a little one in our arms and another one around our ankle. When soon enough we will have pre-teens who think it is gross to hug their mommy. We often look forward to the season in our life when we can have more time with our husbands without the constant interruptions of little people, while many empty nesters look back wistfully on the time their homes were filled with little footsteps and hand prints.

Therefore, I have chosen to embrace the season, whether it is the changing of the weather or the changing seasons in my life. Not only will I embrace the season, I will seek to find enjoyment in every minute of it! Soon enough the season will change; I should make the most of whatever season I am in.

Each season comes with its own set of pros and cons. However, our position can be the same. We can embrace the season!

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