DIY Seed Bombs: Fun Craft for Kids


Hello to all you fabulous Mamas, Dads and everyone in between! I have found such a fun, yet simple “Do It Yourself” craft for you to make with your kiddos. These, my friends, are called Seed Bombs. Have you heard of these? I hadn’t until a friend had brought these to my attention and I was curious. “Seed Bombs? What on Earth are seed bombs?” I said. How had I not heard of these before? Then the research began…I scoured Pinterest for these so called “bombs” and there they were. I found some pretty simple steps on how to make my own, over at Hello Nature.

Here are a few things you will need to make your own Seed Bombs:

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  1. Air-Dry Clay: You will only need to use 4oz. or so, for one batch, but I kind of eyeballed mine. I found this at Michael’s, however, I have also seen this at other craft stores and even Walmart
  2. Packs of Seeds: (about 1oz.) Here is the part you need to pay attention to the most.  Depending on where you are throwing your “bombs,” you need to choose the correct type of seeds to use. For example, I wanted to throw mine in an area that gets direct sunlight. So, I chose flowers that do best in full sun.
  3. Bag of Soil: (about 1oz.) This might not cost you anything because you probably already have this lying around your garage.

Once the kids and I flattened out the clay, I added the soil and then the seeds on top. Now, the fun part: Let the kids fold the seeds and soil into the clay. The clay may start to get stiff or be too hard to manipulate, so just add a TAD bit of water to soften. Once that is complete, you can roll your clay into a log about 1 inch thick.


The kids had fun doing this part. Once rolled into a log, have your kiddos pinch off 1″ to 2″ pieces and roll into little balls…and there you have it! So easy to make and the kids had a blast. You may need to set these out in the sun to dry before tossing them or gifting them. Once ours were dry, we put them in little cellophane bags, wrote a cute message on a tag and tied it on with some twine. Then, we gave them to the leading ladies in our lives for Mother’s Day. Everyone loved them and we had such a great time making them.


Would you make these for a gift or seed bomb your own house? We did both and can’t wait to see how they bloom. So, what are you waiting for? Bombs Away!

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