Dear Preschool Teachers

As working moms, our children spend most of their waking hours at preschool, daycare, or school. We entrust their teachers with a piece of ourselves. It is often a thankless job, and I certainly do not thank my son’s teachers as often as they deserve. This is an open thank you note meant for all of those individuals out there who are loving and watching over our children every day.


Dear Preschool Teacher,

You bandage and kiss boo boos when I am not there.
When he is sick, you snuggle and cuddle and care for him until I can get there.
Your patience is unending.
You are surrounded by a room full of toddlers every day and yet you are able to keep your cool.
You aren’t afraid of getting dirty.
You clean up spills, poop, and so much snot.
You aren’t afraid to look wacky, crazy, or silly.
You read, and sing, and dance.
You spend countless hours thinking of activities, crafts, and lessons.
You are proud of his accomplishments.
When he hurts, you hurt.
You feel protective and always have his best interest at heart.
You send me pictures and texts throughout the day just to let me know that he is okay.
He talks about you even at home.
When we walk into school, he gets a huge smile on his face knowing he will spend the day with you.
You calm my nerves when I am sad about leaving him.
If I have concerns you always listen.
You give me advice when I feel frustrated with his behavior.
When I have crazy instructions you always do your best to abide by them.
You go out of your way to make me feel listened to.
Some days I am sure you feel defeated, exhausted, and unappreciated.
Yet, my son always knows he is loved.
You greet us with a smile no matter how bad your day has been.
You are with my child for most of his waking hours and you treat him like you would your own.
The impression you make will be forever imprinted on his heart.

Thank you for the love, patience, time, and dedication you give daily!



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