Does Class Size in Preschool Really Make a Difference?

Does class size in preschool really make a difference?

There are a multitude of reasons why many educators and researchers believe smaller class sizes are optimal for children in the preschool years. However, with smaller class sizes, usually come higher tuition rates making it hard to find a suitable program. Is it worth trying to find a school with a smaller class size for your preschooler?

Lil Clubhouse

In smaller groups, child initiated activities are more common, with teachers more likely to follow children’s leads rather than directing or scheduling all activities. When children have more control over their environment they are naturally more at ease. Developing self-esteem is crucial at this age, and allowing children to try a little longer at a task can foster the ‘I can do it’ or ‘I can try it’ attitude. Behavior can be directly related to class size. In smaller classes, children are more likely to be engaged in learning activities and less likely to disrupt class because they’re more likely to be noticed.

With more time for each child, teachers are better able to work on extending the child’s language experiences. In addition, when there are fewer children in a class, teachers are better able to enforce ideal social skills between students.

Small class sizes not only offer educational benefits, but also a family-like, close-knit environment for students. It is widely known that a smaller class size is a more comfortable transition from home to the elementary school years for most children. Although the number of bonds with other children is lower, the strength of the bond with other children is stronger. 

Lil Clubhouse Pre-K in Knoxville offers smaller class size with a very reasonable tuition rate. Instead of the 1:13 ratio for four year olds and 1:9 for three year olds, Lil Clubhouse’s ratio is 1:6 for $135 a week. Nutritious meals are provided, and vouchers are accepted. Live cameras are set up in every place the children will be, and are accessible via a secure smart phone app. Parents have a front row seat to see how their child is gaining independence and what they’re learning. It’s also a little easier on the parents to be able to better know how their child responds to an environment without them. Lil Clubhouse is licensed by DHS.

Preschool children need to develop a balance of academic and social skills to prepare them for life’s experiences. They are eager to learn new ideas, but they also need time for play. At Lil Clubhouse, they do both. The daily program is full of fun, learning, laughter, discovery, nurturing, and progress. The program includes reading readiness, writing, math, art, music, S.T.E.M., nature based play, and daily lessons about the world around us.

Teaching using positive reinforcement is a priority because how children learn is just as important as what they learn. Positive reinforcement develops a child’s love of learning and builds self-esteem. Children at Lil Clubhouse are noticed and praised for all their efforts and accomplishments. 

Class starts September 4th. Tours are open from August 20th to the 31st. Find out more by visiting the website, and watching the commercial.  

Call Molly today to schedule your tour, and claim your 3rd week free coupon. Lil Clubhouse is for children!

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