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Knoxville Festival Fun

Knoxville Festival Fun 2016

The dogwoods and redbuds bloom, families come out from winter hibernation, and the festivals come alive during spring time in Knoxville, TN. It’s a fantastic time of year indeed! First warm temperatures of the season arrive making for the perfect environment for outdoor fun! From Opera to chicken wings, reading to biscuits, get your calendars out […]

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Good Moms

“Good moms let their kids do what they want.” My son actually said those words to me a couple of weeks ago. He is 14 and was smirking and this was at the end of our argument about how much hair he should have cut, and yes, I responded with a raised eyebrow and an, […]

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Tree Farms Roundup

3rd Annual Knoxville Christmas Tree Farm Round-Up

Bundle up and get outside, Knoxville! The fall colors are not the only sight to see in East Tennessee. The wintry Christmas tree farms are equally as festive! For you transplants that are not from an area where the Fraziers grow on the hillsides, heading out to a local tree farm is a fun introduction […]

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Christmas Roundup Landscape

Knoxville Family Christmas and Holiday Event Round Up 2015

If you thought Fall in Knoxville was festive…you just wait! It’s here, folks! ‘Tis the season! Knoxville knows how to celebrate the holidays and you are invited to a fabulous celebration all around the area that lasts for the remainder of the year! Hold onto your jingle bells and hop into your sleigh because I am […]

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Teach Kids Coding: A Conversation with CodeTN

For families with pre-teens and high school students, coding is becoming popular. Coding is a not a craze or a fad though. It is no longer geeky, foreign, and just for the elite. In my opinion, coding should be a second language for future generations and cross gender and socioeconomic boundaries. As I watch my […]

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This is how he's spent his 2015 season - on the sidelines. Photo courtesy of Marena Bradley.

When Your Young Athlete is Sidelined

Every week you see the headlines – a long list of college and pro athletes hurt in the previous night’s game. With top-level physicians and therapists on their side, I usually figure that their recovery will be swift and easy and never imagine the worried mama googling “torn meniscus” or “rotator cuff” from home, possibly hundreds […]

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