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Her First Friend

Their friendship is sometimes a one-sided affair. Our sweet girl smothers her with affection, climbs on her and uses her as a pillow. Meanwhile, her first friend looks at me with those big dark brown eyes pleading, “Please make this stop.” My daughter’s friend is, of course, our black Labrador retriever named Reagan. Like many […]

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Learning To Love Again

Have you ever fallen so deeply in love, only to find yourself years later realizing that the love you once felt seems to have diminished? I’m embarrassed to admit this, but that’s what has happened with our incredibly sweet and painfully adorable pug dog. Cob’s been in our life for over 10 years; my husband […]

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Christmas Roundup

Knoxville Family Christmas Event Round-up!

It’s barely turned cold outside, but it seems like Christmas is already in full swing, doesn’t it?! I guess let me be the first to say…Merry Christmas! As I admitted in my recent Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland Giveaway post, I am a die-hard post-Thanksgiving Christmas person. {I won’t get on my soapbox about “Black Friday” now starting […]

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The Dog Days Are Over

Remember when before you had kids, your dogs were your babies? You took them on walks, included them in Christmas photos, and maybe they even slept in your bed. Then your bundle of joy arrives and soon those fur babies have become a distant memory. It’s safe to say the dog days are over. We […]

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