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Nurture Your Tribe 1998

Nurture Your Tribe

Twenty years ago, on a trip to New York City for a college journalism conference, I became friends with two girls who were on the newspaper staff with me. Though we’d interacted in the newsroom prior to the trip and probably would’ve considered ourselves casual friends, it was our shared experience in New York City […]

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Little Worlds Collide

I took a turn and decided to make a huge change in my life that would affect my son. I didn’t know how things would work out, sometimes I still don’t, but so far I’ve been managing. But honestly, I wouldn’t change it for anything because I met my mom-mate, my son found a best […]

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Happy 40th Birthday

Reflections on the Doorstep of Forty

The birthday notifications on Facebook are one of my favorite features of that pesky, obnoxious social media site. Weed through the garbage and there are good things to find — updated family photos, announcements of job promotions, and funny memes that make you giggle on a down day. The birthdays, though, are my favorite. When […]

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