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I Need Some Grace

I Need Some Grace

Grace is the unmerited bestowal of kindness toward another person. It is having compassion when someone has done something wrong or failed to meet expectations. It is an undeserved pass. I need some grace. I need some grace when I’m on my phone at the park. It’s the first chance I’ve had to text my […]

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Tips for Raising a Culturally Diverse Child

There is such a sweet, innate, innocence within our children. They happily embrace and play with each other regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, and background. Sadly, as adults, many times we lose this innocence. Our nation is becoming more and more diverse. However, it seems that at times we are surrounded by divisiveness. There is […]

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My House is a Home (1)

My House is a Home, Not a Museum

I constantly teeter on the edge between trying to be the “all together mom” and the “realist.” I read a book a month or so ago where the protagonist visited the home of someone that could be described as “royal” or “important.” The writing portrayed awe and astonishment because the home appeared “lived in.” The […]

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body image

Trying to Raise a Daughter Without Body Image Issues is Healing My Own

“I hate the way my thighs look in leggings.” “I can’t leave the house without makeup to cover my awful skin.” “I never wear sandals. My toes are too ugly and misshapen.” “I wish I wasn’t so hairy. It’s disgusting.” There are very few women I know who don’t make observations like the ones above […]

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