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Good Moms Don’t Coast

I’m a coaster. I enjoy coasting. If I could do what I wanted, I think I would just lay around most of the time. I’m good with that. {I’m sure your opinion of me is very high at this moment.} However, laying around and coasting through life is not reality. Reality does not allow for laying […]

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We Are Knoxville – Infertility Awareness, Struggles, and Hope

In the spring of 2011 I was sitting in my home office sad, mad, and anxious — there wasn’t an emotion I wasn’t having at the time. A few minutes later I ran upstairs to tell my husband that I had been researching a trip to Paris. He stared at me crazily because there was […]

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Things in My House Keep Disappearing

First, a seat from the table was gone. Then items from under the cabinet. Then actual furniture. Gone. Shoes, gone. Footie pjs, gone. Books, gone. My playroom, slowly disappearing piece by piece. Where have all my things gone? Booster seats replaced by chairs, filled with more than just my family, but now with my children’s […]

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Organization and Motherhood

Organization and Motherhood: 5 Lessons from Working with a Professional Organizer

I have a lifelong love-hate relationship with organizing. I love organizing clothes. I hate organizing papers. I love to be organized, but it’s hard to sit still long enough to keep up with my systems. When I get stressed and overwhelmed, all attempts of organization go out the window, which ultimately leads to more stress […]

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