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Summer Routine

Creating a Summer Routine You Can Live With

Congratulations, mamas, you have made it to the end! School is officially out in most of the area, and any stragglers are not far behind. For most families, this is the long-awaited and much-needed reprieve from the relentless routine of early morning wake-ups, late nights of homework and extracurricular activities, and endless obligations for class […]

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We are working up to him making a batch of cookies all by himself!

Encouraging Independence in Our Kids

Monkey #1 is what I call my “learning child,” as I often don’t think of teaching him some things because it just doesn’t occur to me that he’s old enough yet! But usually, once we start, he picks it up quickly, and I want to smack myself for not thinking of it sooner! While visiting another KMB Contributor’s […]

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Chore Charts

Controlling the Chaos

For kids to be so small, they make some HUGE messes!  And when you have two, it’s just double the messes.  So I’m going to start taking steps to gain some control over the chaos they produce.  We tried to get started over the summer, but it didn’t stick with us after a few weeks. […]

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