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Mythbusters: Homeschool Edition

With the school year upon us (well, some of you anyway: we don’t start back until after Labor Day), now seems like a perfect time to address some homeschooling myths. Since we started down this road six years ago, we’ve heard all sorts of “concerns” and questions in that time. Today I want to break […]

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Montessori for the Summer

The sun shines past bedtime, the flowers and trees overflow the garden bed, and the pool water glistens in the light. The school year must be ending. Knoxville Montessori School certainly stayed busy all year. According to KMS’s Senior Primary Teacher, Valerie Kuéntz, students learned how to observe others, teach their peers, and direct themselves. […]

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Teach Kids Coding: A Conversation with CodeTN

For families with pre-teens and high school students, coding is becoming popular. Coding is a not a craze or a fad though. It is no longer geeky, foreign, and just for the elite. In my opinion, coding should be a second language for future generations and cross gender and socioeconomic boundaries. As I watch my […]

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Easy Peasy Sensory Fun!

Have you ever seen your child intensely digging in the sand box? Concentrating ever so carefully on the tiny bits of sand that are sifting through his/her tiny fingers. Carefully touching and exploring the textures that are before them. Children respond differently to sensory experiences and these experiences can be therapeutic, improve motor skills, contribute […]

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homeschool classes and activities

Classes and Activities for Knoxville’s Home School Students

As the school year comes to a close, visions of beach vacations and outdoor activities are dancing in students’ heads. However many home school parents are already preparing for next year by selecting curriculum, registering for a co-op, and making a new schedule. If you’re looking for enriching opportunities to supplement your home school plan, […]

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